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Ecommerce design trends for your online store

As fashions and tastes change it’s important to keep your online store on trend. Seeming modern, or having a distinct style, can be the difference between making and losing a sale!

How to use email receipts to make more money

It’s a standard part of the checkout process: every time someone makes a purchase from your store you send them an email confirmation. But have you ever considered using that email as a way to connect with customers.

Why entrepreneurs need to evolve

A lot of people seem to think businesses exist in a stationary bubble. Things are done a certain way, they’re established and maintained, and there’s no need to update or upgrade if things are already working.

Being a leader isn’t one size fits all

It can feel strange to talk about leadership when you own a small business with only a handful of employees, but no matter how informal your set-up is it’s important to guide it with the right approach.

Using psychological pricing to boost sales

Do you want to know how you can boost sales with minimal effort? Psychological pricing can convince your customers that they’re getting a much better deal, and can help you make money.

How to prevent burnout

Entrepreneurs do a lot: they manage, organize, budget, market, package, research and more. It’s no surprise so many of us are burnt out: but we don’t need to be. Here are some easy tactics you can implement in your day to day life to help keep you calm, happy, and ready for work.

Even online businesses need face-to-face communication

We run online businesses, so it makes sense that most of our customer engagement will occur online. And while that’s true, it’s important to not forget that we’re still selling to real people.

Why intelligent people struggle in business

It takes a lot of guts and a lot of brain to start your own business. It’s one thing to work for someone else and something else entirely to start out and pursue your dreams on your own: but why do so many smart people struggle at it?

How to make ShopFactory 6 x faster

User JvanKalken reported on the ShopFactory user forum, that he improved the speed of publishing his store from more than 30 minutes to 5 minutes with a simple trick.

How to regain the spark in your business

No, you’re not failing: it’s natural to feel uninspired every now and again. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the new normal – there are a number of ways you can regain your creative energy if your business is making you tired.

How mentors can help you grow your business

You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the ideas, you’re ready to grow- and you’re stuck. Sometimes the best way forward is to reach out to someone who’s been where you are and ask them for advice.

How to creatively thank your customers

Thanking your customers doesn't need to break the bank; but it is worth gold. Genuinely thanking your customers can help solidify your relationships with them, make you memorable and encourage them to buy again.

Profitable products: How to find your first

If you’re not sure how to find or create your first profitable product, here are three ways to trigger ideas.

How to build a customer focused business

In the good old days, building a business in a bubble was standard practice. An idea was turned into a product or service, and once completed would be rolled out to customers. And while that used to work, the advent of the internet and consumer-led growth means that creating a business is now more of a collaborative event than ever.

How to win over six types of investors

You've come up with the perfect business idea. You know exactly what you want to create, how you want to do it, and who you want to sell it to. The only problem is that you don’t have the money: and that’s where investors come in.

What's your unique selling point?

The market is saturated, your competitors are thriving, and customers are buying products from all over the world. In an online market, knowing how to stand out from the crowd can be the difference between sinking and swimming.

But how do you stand out?

Know more, help your business grow (the 5 hour plan)

If you want to become successful, committing five hours a week to learning could make all the difference.

How to overcome your fear of self-marketing

When we think of marketing our businesses we often think of the same tactic: make ourselves look as good as possible. But more and more customers want more than a sales spiel; they want a real understanding of how our businesses run and how our products are made.

How to boost your word of mouth advertising

I wish I could give you a five-step program that would make everything in life easy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that there aren’t any short cuts. If you want to make magic happen you’ve got to set goals, put in the work and be accountable.

Four counterintuitive ways to gain customer trust

When we think of marketing our businesses we often think of the same tactic: make ourselves look as good as possible. But more and more customers want more than a sales spiel; they want a real understanding of how our businesses run and how our products are made.

How to run a successful competition for your business

Running a competition can be a great way to get people excited and involved in your business. But how do you do it? And are there any legal things you need to know?

A guide to reaching goals

I wish I could give you a five-step program that would make everything in life easy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that there aren’t any short cuts. If you want to make magic happen you’ve got to set goals, put in the work and be accountable.

The secrets of good networking

Networking is an essential part of building business connections, but how do you do it? Find out the best ways to go about it.

Four ways to cope with criticism

No one likes getting criticism. But when it comes to our businesses, criticism is what will help us (most of the time) hone our products, services and customer experiences. Here’s how to handle it.

Three amateur business mistakes you should avoid

Starting a business is an exciting time. You’ve gathered experience, you’re passionate, and you want to leap right in. But before you jump into the deep end, make sure to avoid these three mistakes.

Boost your productivity with the perfect morning routine

Establishing a morning routine is easy, and your business will thank you.

Don’t let loneliness kill your entrepreneurship

More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs. They’re launching, marketing and running their own businesses, and they’re doing it all alone.

How to make sales in a competitive market

Not every new product is groundbreaking. In fact, most new products are variations of already existing ones. If you’re worried that you’re launching products into an overcrowded market; don’t fret. There are always ways you can stand out from the crowd.

How to earn money by teaching courses online

Running an online business is hard. It’s time consuming, often expensive, and requires constant attention. But with e-courses you can earn money without having to switch on 24/7.

Strategies to help your business become profitable

If you’ve just launched a business you’ve likely got money on your mind. Here are six ways to minimize your costs and maximise profits in a new business.

Four ways to market to millennials

There are a lot of damaging stereotypes surrounding millennials. They’re called lazy, entitled and the killers of industry. But studies have shown that millennials (the generation born between 1981-1996) are highly motivated and educated. Almost 50% have attended higher-education institutions. They’re tech savvy, they’re sceptical, and they’re looking to change the world.

Thin Content: What it is and how it impacts your Google ranking

Are you wondering why your Google ranking has suddenly dropped? The answer could be thin content.

Grow your business these three ways

When you run a small business, you are the small business. So if you want to see your business grow, take control of these three aspects of your personal life.

How to fight fear in Small Business

As entrepreneurs our lives revolve around our businesses, so it’s no surprise we sometimes worry about things going wrong. We have bills to pay, families to support, competitors to fight and customers to keep happy.

Why Podcasting is the new marketing

Back in the day a good marketing campaign just meant dropping flyers into as many letterboxes as possible. But with customers spread out across the whole world, online stores simply can’t use the same old tactics.

The importance of vision in business

You want to have a successful business. The question is, doing what? Without a clear vision, you’re in danger of drifting with no direction.

The HR policies your start-up needs

As a start up with just a couple of employees, you might not realize you need to think about Human Resources. One of the benefits of small business is being able to step away from a lot of the red tape which governs larger operations, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it entirely.

How to stay creative as a business owner

Monetizing your hobbies and passions can be a dream come true, but what do you do when it all starts to feel like work?

Why Comparison could kill your business

When it comes to comparing ourselves to others, we’re all guilty. As entrepreneurs our businesses form a large part of our lives, so it’s no surprise we compare those too. But if you’re engaging in negative comparisons, it’s time to stop.

Why advertising on Facebook could lose you money

If you want to gain fans on Facebook, then advertising seems like the logical thing to do. But with the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm, you might not get your money's worth. Here’s why, and what to do instead.

Write the perfect email call to action

Writing the perfect call to action has become an art. Generic prompts like learn more, shop now, and click here have become so popular that customers glaze over them entirely. In order to grab attention, you need to think smart. In this article I’ll teach you how to create call to actions in your emails that readers won’t be able to ignore.

Cut your time marketing on social media by 70%

Social media marketing can be expensive, time consuming and tricky. This simple tool will make managing your accounts a breeze. If you’re using social media, you’ll know that changing between your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts can be tedious at times. You have to log into multiple sites multiple times a day to keep them updated.

6 Mistakes to avoid as a freelancer

We are in the largest freelance economy of all time, and more and more entrepreneurs are taking the plunge. But for every successful freelancer there are many more who quickly give up and move back to their corporate jobs.

Have a business idea? Here’s how to invest without money

We’re taught from early on that money is vital when it comes to turning dreams into reality. But even if you don’t have much money right now, there are still steps you can take to bring your ideas to life.

Six mistakes entrepreneurs make

According to Forbes, nine out of ten startups fail. Too often entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over and over. They do not market, they do not manage time well, and they invest too little or too much money into their products.

The one tip that will help you close sales

Do you want to gain clients and make sales? This one thing could make all the difference.

How to write killer email copy

Want to know how to hook in customers, seal deals and boost sales? Your emails can be a powerful tool; here are four ways to make the most of them.

Product pricing made easy: the math + tactics you need to know

There are few things as exciting as releasing new products. But for your business to be successful, you need to make sure you aren’t just giving those products away.

Here’s how to write a great email subject line

Want to know how to hook your customers with your subject line? Email campaigns are one of the best marketing tools out there, but they will only work if your customers take the time to read what you send them.

How to make customers trust your startup

If you are new on the market, you may be lacking in credibility. If they haven’t heard of you before, people may hesitate to buy products from you.

How to make confident work decisions

As entrepreneurs we are often faced with difficult decisions. Who do we market our products to? Where do we source them? Is investing now a good idea? With so many things to consider, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

How to stay focused when you work from home

Six steps to take control of your work day.

More and more of us now work from home, and it’s no wonder why. Traditional office jobs simply don’t suit many of us. We want to be close to our children, retain flexibility in our lives and avoid long commutes.

How to engage on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool. The image based social media site has over 800 million active users and its own unique culture.
With the huge amount of Instagram users, it can be easy to disappear in the crowd. Here are four tips to really connect with a customer base.

Do you want more free time and less work?

This is the dream: less work and more reward.
Who isn’t interested? We want to spend more time with our families, on our hobbies, and with each other. It seems like an impossible goal. How can we make it possible? What is the secret?

How to promote your business for free

Do you want to promote your business on a budget? These five methods will save you money and bring in new customers.

How to sell with the GDPR
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How the GDPR will affect online sellers

If you sell products or services to customers in the European Union, new regulations are about to hit you. Even if you are on another continent.

If you don’t comply, you could face huge fines. And that can be as easy as using the wrong cookies on your website or sending an email to the wrong person.

Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as they look at first sight. You’ll find out why in this article.

Convert one-time customers into regulars

Find out how to make your customers come back for more.
It’s not uncommon to place focus on only new customers. But repeat customers can be even more valuable. Not only do they give you a more stable income stream, they’re cheaper to sell to. That is because when someone has bought from you once, they’ll need less convincing to come again.

Instagram marketing made easy

How to promote your business to Instagram’s 800 million active users.
Instagram is a powerhouse. With 800 million active users, it can be a vital tool when it comes to marketing your business. Studies by Iconosquare show that 70% of Instagram users have searched for a business or brand using the platform.

7 ways to stop cart abandonment

Are your customers abandoning their online shopping carts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While this can be frustrating and worrying for business owners, it’s actually very common.

These 4 letters will revolutionize your workflow

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are sort of superhuman. We take on more work than most, and we singlehandedly manage almost every element of our businesses. It’s not surprising that most of us are exhausted: we simply don’t have time to do it all.

How to kill procrastination and improve productivity

Are you struggling with procrastination? Do you feel like your day is all work, but with no progress? If you’re struggling to keep on track of things, these six steps will help you regain control.

10 Steps to keep your business safe online

It's not just small businesses which have moved online; it’s burglars. And they are out to gain access to your data and that of your customers. Here’s how to keep your assets safe and your personal details locked away.

Start your business the right way

Have you got an idea you’d love to turn into a business? These tips will help you on your way to success.

How to hit goals, even when you're busy

If you're anything like me, you're often busy. But being busy doesn’t always mean productive. If you're juggling endless things, you'll know what I mean when I say ‘it feels like I’ve worked all week and done nothing.’

How you can build customer relationships to drive sales

Do you want more sales, improved customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth advertising? These four tips could make all the difference.

How to sell your products, now

Struggling to make sales and looking for ways to create irresistible offers? Look no further. Here are four ways to be relevant, boost sales and create offers customers can’t refuse.

How to handle difficult conversations like a pro

As a business owner you will inevitably have difficult conversations. Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur you need to deal with suppliers, shipping companies and customers. When things turn sour, here’s what to do.

Four ways to get fresh ideas

Stuck for ideas? In this article, I will teach you techniques you can use to generate more.

Three ways to come up with the perfect business name

So you’ve got the perfect business in mind, but you can’t think of the perfect name for it. Here are three approaches to get you unstuck.

How you can boost your business with co-marketing and co-branding

Do you want to get in front of new customers, create innovative products and engage with fans? Co-marketing could be for you.

Get out of your way to find success

Have you become a Jack of all Trades, who has learned to deal with the many different task you encounter every day in your business? Then you might be single-handedly blocking your chances to become successful.

Content blocks are coming to ShopFactory

We are changing the way the page editor works and are adding a new block editor.  Soon you will be able to drag great looking content blocks directly into your description to create better looking content pages than ever.

Check out the video to find out more.

Design your own gift vouchers with ShopFactory Cloud

Did you know you can create and sell your own gift cards and vouchers with ShopFactory?

According to a study by Ernst & Young around 54% of customers plan to give away Gift Cards or money this Christmas. This makes gift cards and money the number one present, ahead even of books and sweets.

So if you are not already selling gift cards, you are probably missing out on sales.

And now, with the recent release of ShopFactory Cloud as part of your ShopFactory 11 subscription, you can make your gift cards look even better with your own custom designs.

D.I.Y. search engine optimization

If search engines can’t find your online store for an important search word, does your store really exist?

Not for buyers who are doing a search online. And that means lost sales.

While ShopFactory does a lot of automatic search engine optimization, you can achieve even better rankings by using the ShopFactory functions to optimize your store even further.

Is the new Facebook Market Place a threat?

Earlier this month Facebook launched a new mobile Marketplace in the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. And it plans to roll it out in other countries, too.

Which means it will be coming to you soon, too.

Launched as a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community, it works on mobile phones and tablets which have the mobile Facebook app installed.  That’s almost one billion active users every day around the world.

So should you as a seller be concerned about this new competition? Or see it as a new opportunity for more sales?

Introducing ShopFactory Cloud

We have launched ShopFactory Cloud, an improved order management Interface for ShopFactory 11/12 users.

If you use ShopFactory 12, then ShopFactory Cloud replaces the old Total Care Interface.

The new interface is mobile compatible, making it easier for you to manage orders on the go.

The Interface has been streamlined to help you work more productively.

ShopFactory Cloud not only provides improved order management interfaces but also offers you many new functions, such as the ability to create your own cloud products. This will allow you to market and sell your products via any imaginable channel in addition to your ShopFactory website.

Amazon and eBay alternative

Your own Amazon and eBay alternative platform

Make the most out of selling on eBay and Amazon but make sure you also run your own alternative, independent online store with a powerful ecommerce solution such as ShopFactory which allow you to sell your products on eBay and Amazon in addition to your own website.

At ShopFactory we believe running your own, independent online store is an absolute must. At least if you want to establish lasting success as online seller.

Yeah, right.

After all, there are millions of people who sell their wares on eBay and Amazon every day. Are we really claiming they are all getting it wrong?

The answer is: it depends. On what they want to achieve and how willing they are to gamble with their future.

Because the business goals of Amazon and eBay are very different from yours. And that difference can turn setting up on their portals into quite a gamble.

Let me explain.

ShopFactory 11 Pre-Release

We have been testing and improving ShopFactory 11 for most of 2015. Now we are finally ready, and many of its testers have already successfully switched their online stores to ShopFactory 11. Not only have they been getting great feedback from their customers - their sales have also improved considerably.

Using Dimensional Weight for Shipping Products

Dimensional weight is also known as volumetric weight. It is used by shipping providers to compensate for larger items, which physically weigh less and take up a larger volume of space. When shipping products, you as an online merchant, must use either the physical weight or the "DIM weight" in your shipping weight calculations - whichever is greater. DIM weight is a tactic used by freight carriers to ensure they don’t lose money on large items which may be lightweight but take up a larger volume of space on their transport vehicle(s).

Using UPS Negotiated Rates in ShopFactory

ShopFactory has released a new feature in the Real Time UPS shipping rates integration that allows a merchant to use their "Negotiated Rates" instead of Published rates. Lower shipping rates can often mean the difference between an online sale, and an abandoned sale for some merchants.

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