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5 reasons to activate address validation for your ShopFactory online store

There is perhaps no data more crucial for achievement than buyer address information for online stores that rely on efficient delivery services. While it may seem like a straightforward piece of our identities, addresses contain many moving parts that present challenges in regards to data accuracy.

Street numbers and names, suburbs, cities, and zip codes. All of these elements are necessary parts of a buyer's address, and it ensures your merchandise is delivered on time and to the correct location.

Why use address validation for your ShopFactory online store?

The following are the top main reasons for you to activate the new address validation feature for your online store.

5 reasons to activate address validation for your ShopFactory online store

1. Saving time

First and foremost, it saves much time. If a buyer has typed a wrong address during checkout, you might not know the validity of the address unless the shipment reaches the delivery address, which, if incorrect, leads to delivery failure and frustration for both you and your buyer. Even when you confirm the address with the buyers afterward, you waste a lot of time again delivering the package for the same order. And it disrupts your daily operations. You can save some trouble with address validation tools because the buyer's address is automatically verified before you ship the packages. With this new tool in ShopFactory 14, the buyer can now validate his address during the checkout process.

2. Saving money

The multiple deliveries for the same order will also leave a hole in the pocket. With address validation, you can save those extra costs by validating the address automatically. It would also cut the cost of the re-assigning job for staff, wasted postage, and other resources.

3. Increasing your conversion rates

Many buyers abandon their shopping cart after adding a product to the cart because they find the checkout process far too complicated. The address validation feature will ensure satisfaction for your buyers that their product will be delivered to the correct address. Fewer clicks will increase the conversion rate, as buyers put in less typing effort. This, in turn, results in buyer satisfaction and possible returns for future purchases.

4. Improving user experience

Even the slightest feature in your website can catch a buyer’s eye that would make or break your brand image. A simple addition of address validation will make you look like you really care about your buyers’ user experience. It will also make your buyers feel that you have put in extra effort to make the checkout process simpler for them. A good user experience will lead to a good buyer shopping experience. If buyers have good shipping experience, it does not take much time to build word-of-mouth of your brand. No matter how large or small your business is, these small elements cluster to improve your brand loyalty and nurture the buyer relationship.

5. Being up-to-date

If you compare the shopping experience 20 years ago with what we have today, there are many improvements you will see in terms of technology, payments, shipping, including the complete shopping experience. A constant improvement of ShopFactory is that we aim to make the checkout process simple and robust. Online shoppers find it annoying to enter lots of details for the checkout. Hence, you need to make efforts to reduce keystrokes for the users and also make sure you have the required information you need.

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