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List of Features

ShopFactory Gold is the big brother of ShopFactory Pro, with many more functions and features.

ShopFactory Gold also allows you to create unlimited stores and in any language, making it also a great solution for website developers. ShopFactory Pro and Gold require Microsoft Windows.

  • Compare

    This list provides a quick overview of the main features and differences between ShopFactory Pro and ShopFactory Gold.

    Pro Gold  
    In In No limit on size of online shop — sell as many products as you want
    In In No limit on size of website — add as many pages and content, including multimedia, as you want
    In In Easy to use yet powerful website editor to create any design or simply use one of many templates
    In In Promote, sell and/or offer your products and services online with or without prices to everybody or selected group of people as and when required
    In In Recommended by experts and reviewers around the world
    In In Complete e-commerce solution ideal for SME incl. everything such as website editor and shopping cart software with full  mobile compatibility, content management system, backend admin, etc
    In In Free unlimited support.*
    In In Publish website and online shop with easy to use on board publishing tool to any hosting space with no special requirements or to our free basic hosting service provided
    In In Free secure order processing
    In In Built shop on your own computer — don’t let your internet connection slow you down
    In In Search engine friendly for high rankings in search engines
    In In No limit on customers in your shop — providing fast and hassle free shopping experience to your customers
    In In Compatible with popular accounting systems*
    In In Works with many payment gateways and shipping providers around the world
    In In Includes Standard Total Care services*. Consisting of Basic hosting, online order management, PCI compliance, Vouchers, loyalty and reward systems, order exporting, etc
    Out In Create as many online shops and websites as you want for your own use and/or for others
    Out In Create shops in any language and in multiple languages
    Out In Powerful customization and design facilities
    Out In Advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) facilities
    Out In ImportWizard Pro — import products and content from almost any database
    Out In Marketeer — promote your products on various other platforms such as eBay etc.
    Out In PHP Power Search – help customers finding quickly what they are looking for
    Out In Real time stock control
    Out In Advanced discount functions*
    Out In Advanced promotional functions*
    Out In Advertising tracking — find out which marketing activities are successful*
    Out In Reseller pricing — Business to business solution to sell whole sale with admin back end etc.*
    Out In Affiliate partner programs*
    Out In More advanced sales analysis*
    Out In Includes Premium Total Care services* ESD — Electronic Softgoods Delivery systems including back end management etc, Network marketing programs, etc
  • General

    Pro Gold  
    In In Spell checking
    In In Integrated CMS system for simple management of website content and product data.
    In In Large number of new and professionally designed website themes with full mobile compatibility which can be customized with point and click ease. No programming required.
    In In No server installation required. Just publish your shop to the Internet with the integrated publishing tool and start accepting orders immediately.
    In In Free updates.
    In In Free upgrades to major new releases.*
    In In Free unlimited support.*
    In In Free website hosting.*
    In In Free Total Care online order management account.*
    In In Only publish what you need.
    In In Automatic server clean-up function — removes pages and products from your server when they are deleted or disabled.
    In In Automatic update alert when new versions released.
    In In Internal search function in ShopFactory — search by many different page or product attributes.
    In In Automatic PHP support for faster search within your shop.
    In In 'Under construction alert' — can be enabled to allow customer to know about updating or building activities.
    In In Easy to use 'ShopFactory Central' gives fast access to many functions and wizards.
    In In Shop set-up Wizard makes creating a shop easy.
    In In Inbuilt search engine optimization.
  • Page Details

    ShopFactory allows you to add pages and sub pages at the click of a button — making creating and maintaining a website structure a breeze. Of course you can also temporarily disable pages.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Easy integration of YouTube and Other Videos
    In In Apply different page themes to different pages.
    In In Support for different product/paragraph styles.
    In In Unlimited pages.
    In In Unlimited page levels — sub-pages.
    In In Sort pages by drag and drop.
    In In Enable and disable pages.
    In In Title, introduction, description, footer support.
    In In Link box support; link to other pages, products and websites.
    In In Add banner link function.
    In In Add HTML code function for counters and tracking systems.
    In In Multiple indexes for better navigation.
    In In Exclude pages from navigation.
    In In Search Engine optimization support.
    In In Automatic page division based on adjustable product limit per page.
    In In Powerful WYSIWYG editing.
    In In Shopping cart visible on every page.
    In In Immediately deliver downloadable goods such as software or images after approved payments — ESD.*
  • Product Details

    ShopFactory makes adding products easy — it helps you to display them in the best possible light. Now you can build shops faster and get better sales results with professional product displays.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Support for real-time stock control.*
    In In Easy integration of YouTube and Other Videos
    In In Support for Images for Options and Choices
    In In Unlimited products.
    In In Unlimited categories.
    In In Unlimited category levels.
    In In Title, Introduction, Description, Longer Description, Highlights and Teaser fields for product details.
    In In Unlimited options and choices (variations) such as; colors, sizes, or add-on options.
    In In Product bundling.
    In In Select from different display styles for different pages.
    In In Link products to 'more details' pages to provide unlimited information.
    In In Link product to external information resources.
    In In Link product to larger images, sound and video files.
    In In Create option templates such as shoe sizes for quick option generation.
    In In Cross promotions — promote similar or related products.
    In In Automatic generation of picture thumbnail with link to larger image.
    In In Add picture frames to product images to improve their looks.
    In In Product slide-show with unlimited images.
    In In Display prices depending on membership and reseller settings.*
    In In Highlight products in link boxes.
    In In Promote products on any page.
    In In Stock control on product and option level (see Inventory).
    In In Allow or disallow buying of out of stock products.
    In In Temporarily hide products.
    In In Disable buying function for products.
    In In Base price support.
    In In Select from different product display styles.
    In In Link to shipping charges from each product (required by law in some countries).
    In In List products in multiple categories.
    In In Put products on special.
    In In Various product discounts.
    In In Product teaser promotion, such as; 'Bestseller.'
    In In List of 'features.'
    In In Special handling or shipping costs on product level.
    In In Automatic tax assignment based on Tax settings.
    In In Set product category for Internet searches.
    In In Define 'Quantity' unit.
    In In Allow purchasing decimal quantities, such as; 1.5 meters.
    In In Set 'Manufacturer.'
    In In Enter product codes.
    In In UPC EAN/UCC-13 support.
    In In Define minimum order quantity.
  • Discount functions

    Offering discounts helps you boost your sales. So of course ShopFactory contains the largest amount of discount options available. After all, boosting sales is what selling online is all about.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Shop wide discounts by percentage — example; reduce all products by 10%.
    In In Shop wide discount on customer order total — example; spend $100 or more and get a 10% discount.
    In In Product level discount by price — set a fixed discounted price.
    In In Product level discount by percentage — reduce product price by a set percentage.
    In In Product level discount by quantity — set a lower price for larger quantities.
    In In 'Buy some, get some free' — buy 2, get 1 free or buy 3, get 2 free.
    In In Buy one, get another product free.
    In In Set product discounts on 'product only' or on 'product and options.'
    In In Highlight product discounts.
    In In Product discount message.
    Out In Promote next discount level — alerts customers to quantity discounts applying if they order more.
    Out In Schedule discount events by time and date.
    Out In Reseller purchasing discount — displays lower prices to resellers after login.*
    In In Membership discounts — displays lower prices to members after login.*
    In In Discount Vouchers.*
    In In Gift Vouchers.*
    In In Free shipping for members.*
    In In Discounts for repeat customers.*
  • Promotions

    When you run an online shop, promoting it and your products is what will get you the sales. By telling people about your shop or customers about related products you build up your sales. So based on the experience of merchants of ShopFactory we have added the functions you really need to become successful.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Social Media Links integration
    In In Reseller support with different prices for different resellers.*
    In In Free shipping for members.*
    In In Membership support with welcome message and special product discounts.*
    In In Highlighted Discounts.
    In In Many discount types.
    In In Discount vouchers.*
    In In Gift vouchers.*
    In In Up-selling (if you buy 3 more, you will get a discount).
    In In Link directly to a product or page from other locations such as email or external websites.
    Out In Timed Discounts (automatically expire or repeat discounts at certain times).
    In In Newsletter mailing list generation support.
    In In Email list generation based on customer preference.
    In In Email list generation based on items purchased by customer.
    In In Email list generation based on location of customer.
    In In Link Boxes — link from any product or page to any other products or pages to highlight a relationship or promote specific products.
    In In Membership Points rewards.
    In In List your products on santu, eBay and 'Google products'.
    Out In Advertising tracking — find out how many orders are generated by your advertising campaigns.*
  • Inventory

    Save time with ShopFactory by easily importing products into your shop and maintaining them with ShopFactory.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Import basic product details from existing Databases with ImportWizard.
    Out In Import virtually any product data including options and choices with Import Wizard Pro.
    In In Stock control on product level.
    In In Stock control on 'option and choice' (variants) level.
    In In Automatically combine catalog number of a product with a selected option check stock levels (such as a T-Shirt and its colours: T45-green).
    In In Manually update stock levels.
    In In Automatically update Stock levels when orders are placed.*
    In In Real-time display of available stock levels.
    In In Exact or 'traffic light stock level' display.
    In In Shop wide 'Out of stock' message.
    In In Product level 'Out of stock' message — for example; to state a delivery time.
    In In Define 'Minimum purchase price total' — how much a customer must spend at least to place an order.
    In In Define 'Maximum purchase price total' — the maximum value of an order you accept via the Internet.
  • Sales analysis and tracking

    Being on top of your sales and resellers requires analysis and tracking tools. ShopFactory either includes or is compatible with Services which allow you to stay on top.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Receive order by email.
    In In Automatic fraud alerts for high risk orders.
    In In Search all order data by customer, order number, products ordered, regions and more.
    In In Create order statistics based on number of; orders, regions, best selling products and more.
    In In Worst selling products, time frames.
    Out In Track Affiliated Reseller sales and commission payments.*
    Out In Track network sales for up to five levels.*
    Out In Track reseller discounts.*
    In In Track member purchases.*
    Out In Track advertising results by profitability.*
    Out In Export order data into back-end systems such as; Sage 50 and QuickBooks via XML feed.*
    In In Generate email lists based on order searches for email advertising or newsletters.*
  • Making it easy for customers

    Convert more website visitors into buying customers by making buying easy for them and giving them a feeling of security. ShopFactory does it for you to help you boost your profits.

    Pro Gold  
    In In

    Easy website navigation.

    In In

    Fully mobile compatible suitable for easy shopping from any mobile device

    In In Fast adding of items to 'shopping cart' for faster customer feedback.
    In In Automatic updating of Order Total based on products in 'shopping cart.'
    In In Automatic tax and shipping costs calculations prior to check-out.
    In In Secure order process with patented fraud protection.
    In In Recover Password function for members and resellers.
    In In Integrated Blog allows keeping customers and resellers up to date.
    In In Automatic remembering of customer details for easy check-out.
    In In Restore shopping cart function for repeat visitors.
    In In Integrated search for products and content (Basic search and configurable PHP Power Search).
    In In Add to 'favorites list.'
    In In 'Email to a friend' function.
    In In Related product link support.
    In In Calculate shipping and taxes prior to check-out.
    In In Automatic 'base price' calculation support.
    In In Automatic currency conversions.
    In In Customizable email order confirmations.
    In In Allow customer to disable Order confirmation.
    In In Printable order page.
    In In Adjust order quantities in 'shopping cart.'
    In In Link to products from 'shopping cart.'
    In In Customizable order form.
    In In Opt-in newsletter support.
    In In Customizable 'Thank you' page after an order has been placed.
  • Design and layout

    The look of your website will affect your success. By buying ShopFactory you get a large number of professionally designed modern templates — to make sure you look your best. ShopFactory's point and click customization functions make customizing a theme so easy, anyone can do it.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Select from a large number of professionally designed modern Website Themes with responsive design suitable for any device such as PCs, computers, tablets and mobile devices and download more themes from online. Each theme is fully customizable.
    In In Many 'Website themes' with Flash support for improved looks and customization.
    In In Select 'Page themes' independently of 'Website theme.'
    In In Use different 'Page themes' for different style pages.
    In In Select different product display themes for different pages.
    In In Select from different Website Navigation styles.
    In In Point and click, easy 'theme' customization — without programming skills you can completely change the look of your website theme in no time.
    In In Point and click, easy customization of 'navigation styles.'
    In In Color suggestions — pick your preferred color and ShopFactory will automatically generate suitable color themes.
    Out In Save customized themes as new 'website' or 'page themes.'
    In In Point and click design image replacement.
    In In Automatic picture resizing and transparency management for design and product images.
    In In Add 'picture frames' to product and paragraph images.
    In In Automatic anti-alias management for design images and picture frames.
    In In Automatic creation of thumbnail images with link to larger picture based on image size supported by page themes and product styles.
    In In 'Banner advertising' support.
    In In Add HTML code in many different locations; above and below the page, above or below link boxes, above or below the index, site wide, for example.
    In In Automatic management of Linked pages (Page and product Links re-adjusted if page is moved or deleted).
    Out In HTML code access to create your own themes.
    In In Website wide footer area for copyright, legal and other text.
    Out In PHP search with AJAX powered results display to match results page to website theme.
    In In Ajax integrated order processing gateway to ensure gateway design matches website theme.
  • Shipping

    ShopFactory can quickly calculate shipping costs for your customers before they check out. This is a legal requirement in many countries. You can use the online calculators provided by companies such as; UPS, USPS, FedEx and others, or set up your own shipping charges quickly and easily.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Free shipping for members.*
    In In Real-time shipping cost calculation based on customer’s location prior to check-out.
    In In Automatically retrieve shipping charges from; UPS, USPS and DHL.
    In In Link to Shipping charges from each product.
    In In Free Shipping.
    In In Free shipping above a set order value.
    In In Free shipping above a set order value per region.
    In In One price for all.
    In In One price per shipping region.
    In In Charge shipping costs per product.
    In In Create unlimited shipping methods.
    In In Apply different shipping methods to different regions such as; local, domestic and international.
    In In Limit Regions you ship products to.
    In In Apply different shipping costs to different shipping methods.
    In In Create custom shipping regions.
    In In Charge shipping costs based on 'shipping provider.'
    In In Charge shipping costs based on 'weight.'
    In In Charge shipping costs based on 'order total.'
    In In Charge shipping costs based on 'quantity ordered.'
    In In Charge shipping costs based on 'exact value' or 'by range.'
    In In Apply additional handling/freight/packaging costs.
    In In Set maximum weight for boxes.
    In In Apply handling/freight/packaging charges per box.
    In In Set handling/freight/packaging charges on a product level.
    In In Real-time shipping charge calculation for customers.
    In In Allow customers to select shipping methods.
    In In Free shipping for members.*
    In In Immediately deliver downloadable goods such as software or images after approved payments — ESD.*
  • Tax

    Nobody likes likes paying taxes — but if you have a shop you still have to charge them in many countries. ShopFactory makes it easy for you to; add taxes, manage taxes, and automatically displays them to your customers. If they don't have to pay tax, ShopFactory takes care of this too.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Real-time tax calculation for customers.
    In In Tax calculation based on customer location.
    In In Automatically assign taxes to products.
    In In Set up different taxes for different products.
    In In Set up different taxes for different regions.
    In In Apply multiple taxes to products.
    In In Support for tax exempted customers.
    In In Automatic validity check of European tax exemption numbers.
    In In European mixed tax calculation for shipping charges when ordering products with different taxes.
    In In Ability to create a services tax applying to shipping and handling charges.
    In In Easy update function for products when taxes change.
    In In GST/PST/HST tax calculations for Canada .
    In In Support for Canadian Quebec GST and QST combination
    In In Can automatically insert 'tax display' and notices when legally required.
  • Payment gateways and methods

    The more options your customers have to pay, the more you will sell. With ShopFactory you can accept any payment methods — from Amex to PayPal. Many methods are pre-set and you can, of course, also create your own methods. You can even combine multiple Real-time Payment Processors with your own manual approval methods.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Free secure order processing (manual payment approval).
    In In High-level SSL secured check-out process.
    In In Large number of predefined payment methods.
    In In Create your own payment methods.
    In In Accept any payment method including; PayPal, iDeal, ELV.
    In In Accept payment manually or in real-time.
    In In Compatible with many real-time payment processors such as; GlobeCharge, Authorize.Net, WorldPay and others.
    In In Combine multiple real-time payment processors with manual payment approval methods depending on payment method selected.
    In In Supports real-time e-check processing.
    In In Accept payments in any currency.
    In In PayPal support.
    In In Automatic currency conversion.
    In In Display payment gateway inside your website or as separate window.
    In In Multilingual ordering process.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    ShopFactory helps you being listed highly in Search Engines by providing you with the tools you need to optimize your website for Search Engines. the higher you get listed, the more customers you will get.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Automatically generate SEO filenames for products and pages
    Out In Meta tags for each product.
    In In Website map allows search engines to easily index website.
    In In Google search map to allow improved indexing by Google.
    In In Static pages for easy search engine readability.
    In In Fixed Internet Page addresses.
    In In Define your own page file names.
    In In Search engine friendly Internet Page addresses.
    In In 'Meta tags' for all categories and website pages.
    In In Automatic 'Meta' tag generation based on category names and introductions.
    In In 'Alt' tag support.
    In In Automatic Headline generation for product titles.
  • Server compatibility

    You already have enough work on your hands — so having to worry about servers should not be your problem. With ShopFactory it isn't.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Shops created with ShopFactory run on any server — regardless of platform.
    In In No installation required — just publish your website and start selling.
    Out In PHP 4 and 5 support for improved website search functionality (auto-installs as part of publishing, if PHP is supported).
  • Online order management*

    ShopFactory is compatible with GlobeCharge, to allow you to manage your orders online and gives you access to many services to help you make selling online more efficient and profitable.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Real-time order tracking support.*
    In In Review orders from anywhere in the world.
    In In Approve orders from anywhere in the word.
    In In Apply membership settings.
    In In Automatically deliver digital goods.
    In In Allow customers to track orders — ESD.
    Out In Manage resellers and members.
    In In Update payment and shipping settings.
    In In Manually review high risk orders.
    In In Create e-mail lists to keep in touch with customers.
    In In Immediately deliver digital goods such as software or images after approved payments — ESD.*
  • Security

    The more secure your customers feel, the more they will buy from you. ShopFactory provides a secure checkout process for your customers to help you boost your sales.

    Pro Gold  
    In In Patented security prevents fraudulent manipulation of order details, such as a customer changing a product price.
    In In Require customers to agree to 'terms and conditions.'
    In In Free secure order processing allows you to accept orders as soon as your shop has been published.
    In In Secure checkout process.
    In In Full SSL support.
    In In PCI compliant order storage*
    In In Patented product data protection.
    In In Ability to hide prices from non members.*
    In In Ability to limit price display or reduced prices only to resellers or members.*
    In In SiteLoc Password protection — limit access only to password holders.
    In In Fraud protection support alerts to high risk orders based on custom settings.*
    In In Security check to verify customer location compared to claimed location in order.*
    In In Exclude high risk countries from ordering.*
    In In Customer data can be encrypted.
    In In PGP support for email orders.
    In In No server-side storing of payment data for approved orders.
  • International support

    If you sell online, you can have customers from all around the world. The easier you make buying for them, the better your sales will be. ShopFactory has all the tools you need to sell to customers all around the world.

    Pro Gold  
    Out In Multi-language editor. The ShopFactory shop builder comes in a number of different languages including; English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian.
    Out In Create shops in any language. ShopFactory comes with more than 30 languages pre-set to make shop creation easy in any language.
    Out In Navigation in multiple languages. Let your customers navigate your shop in the language of their choice —does not include automatic translation of shop content.*
    Out In Multi-language support. Create shops in multiple languages.
    Out In Translation editor.
    Out In XLIF, XML translation support for exporting and importing translation data.
    Out In Only translate what you want. Switch off pages or products you don’t want to translate on a per language basis or use the main language to be displayed for all non-translated items.
    Out In Automatic customer language detection.
    In In Multi-currency support.
    In In Automatic currency conversion for product prices and totals in shop.
    In In Supports taxes for any country, state or region, different taxes for different regions, multiple taxes per product.
    In In International shipping calculation support — set different prices and cost calculation methods for different regions.
    In In International payment methods support — supports payment methods all around the world.*
  • Support for back-end systems

    ShopFactory shops can be integrated with numerous back-end systems to allow you to easily integrate your online shop into the work flow of your business.

    Pro Gold  
    In In XML order data stream can be imported into any back-end system support XML import functions.*
    In In CSV order data can be imported into any back-end system supporting CSV import.*
*Requires Total Care.  Included when you rent.

* With your subscription

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