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Why Podcasting is the new marketing

Back in the day a good marketing campaign just meant dropping flyers into as many letterboxes as possible. But with customers spread out across the whole world, online stores simply can’t use the same old tactics.

But there is one place all customers can be contacted; their phones.

That’s where Podcasting comes in; it’s a cost-effective way to connect with your customers, build fans and prove that you know your stuff.

A podcast is essentially a conversation you record and share with your audience on a regular basis. They can be anything from five minutes long and shared daily, to an hour or longer shared weekly; think of them as personal radio shows.

You can use them to educate and amuse your audience, building trust and gaining sales along the way.

They don’t have to cost money to produce, either; you can record your podcast on your phone and share it easily using free apps and iTunes. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons Podcasts could work for you.

You can talk about anything

Not sure a Podcast makes sense for your online plumbing parts store? Or your framing shop? Can’t see the point when it comes to selling your inventions?

The great thing about Podcasts is that absolutely anyone can make them; the point is to educate and enrich. If you do sell plumbing parts, for example, you could talk about how to best install them, common mistakes people make, and cool new techniques. If you sell picture frames, you could make episodes about how to best mount pictures, and restore frames, and decorate spaces.

No matter what you sell, a podcast could make you stand out from the competition.

You can connect with people anywhere, and build loyal fans

The goal of podcasts is to provide your customers with information. Prove that you’re a person of expertise and they’ll come to know and trust you. If they listen to your podcast they’ll be more likely to recommend you, buy from you, and consider you the best.

The great things about Podcasts is that they enable your customers to hear your voice. There’s something very intimate and trustworthy about them; people love to know who they’re buying from.

They’re also a fantastic way to show off your skills and knowledge. Utilizing them you can build up a real community!

It’s easy to include your customers directly; you can let them request topics, answer their questions and showcase them. If you’re ever stuck for topics, just think ‘what information would benefit my buyers?’

In return, your customers will feel truly connected and like part of your community.

The best part? You can reach anyone who has an internet connection.

The goal of podcasts is to give information. Prove that you’re a person of expertise and customers will come to know and trust you. If they listen to your podcast, they're more likely to recommend you, buy from you, and consider you the best.

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Your business will come up higher in search results

If you sell products online you know that Google matters.

If you’re not on that first page of search results, far fewer people will find you and your business.

ShopFactory already works hard to ensure your store is Google optimized, but creating original content with your business name in the title will help raise you even higher.

Content makes you relevant. Blogs associated with your business, social media accounts and podcasts will all boost your online presence, especially if they link back to your store.

Every time you create a new podcast you create a new way for people to find you. For instance;

    • How to hang photo frames without nails | Sally’s Frame Co
    • The best photo frames to give as gifts | Sally’s Frame Co
    • Where to find cheap art to hang in frames | Sally’s Frame Co

By addressing different topics people searching for those things will discover your website. Beforehand, they might have only found you if looking for a specific product.

Podcasts are also great to promote via sites such as Facebook and Twitter; quality content is more likely to be shared and seen by potential customers. 

Things to remember

Podcasts are fantastic if they’re maintained on a regular basis. Your customers will make time in their schedules to listen, so be reliable when you upload them and don’t commit to a routine you can’t uphold.

If your Podcast is successful enough, it may even become an additional income stream as people pay to advertise on it! The world is changing quickly, and it’s more important ever to seize the online marketing options that are available.

Your products are online, your customers are online; it’s time to adapt your marketing and talk to them directly.

- Lena Klein

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