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How to get your team excited for Mondays

A massive proportion of workers aren’t happy in their jobs, and half are late on Mondays. Feeling disengaged in the workplace can have a serious impact on your business, so it’s worth taking time to make Mondays merrier for your team.

Here are five low cost methods you can use to engage your team and make them look forward to work.

1. Keep it friendly

If you own a small business, budgets might be stretched and the pressure high. But by maintaining a positive attitude and making your business a nice place to be, you can boost productivity and happiness and lower employee turnover.

You don’t need fancy furniture or plants to make the office a happy space; just try to schedule regular company lunches and small trips for your team to take. Small amounts of social time can be enough to help create friendships; making employees feel more welcome in the workplace.

Once employees are trained and competent, it can also help to give them a little space in their roles: it can be tempting to look over their shoulders when they’re working for you, but by allowing them a little freedom they’ll feel trusted and valuable.

2. Get out of the office

Some of my favourite workplace events have been based on going outside. In my team we’ve had sports days (good old egg and spoon races), walks around the neighbourhood, a day of paddleboarding, morning yoga: no matter what your budget is, there are ways to get your team outside and energised.

By planning those events on a Monday, you can give your employees the feeling of a longer weekend – boosting their moods and easing them into the workweek. Fresh air and exercise has also been proven to increase mental health, so everyone can benefit and feel a mood lift from something as simple as a stroll.

3. Host breakfasts

It can be well worth establishing a weekly breakfast routine; every Monday invite your employees to a breakfast and give them business updates from the week before. This will help them feel connected, and also give them an opportunity to chat about their weekends, clear their minds, and get energized for work.

4. Start each week with a positivity session

We can all feel dreary on a Monday, but by spending a short amount of time detailing the previous weeks wins we can feel more upbeat about the challenges to come. It’s easy to fall into the habit of working day in and day out to move forward as a small business, but taking the time to celebrate the wins of your employees can have a significant impact on how valued they feel and on their productivity.


We spend a lot of our lives at work, so why not take the time to make it a positive environment for everyone? By keeping it friendly, taking your team out of the office, hosting breakfasts and acknowledging their wins and successes you can boost employee morale considerably: no matter the budget.

- Lena Klein

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