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Why entrepreneurs need to evolve

A lot of people seem to think businesses exist in a stationary bubble. Things are done a certain way, they’re established and maintained, and there’s no need to update or upgrade if things are already working.

But the world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace: each year the number of tech developments double, more businesses move online, and shared spaces become ever more competitive.

Simply showing up and following the motions doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to succeed in business, you need to do what the world around you is doing: evolve. And evolve constantly.

I studied philosophy at university, and it taught me to always view things with an open mind. As a result, if I encounter an argument or viewpoint that’s better than mine, I’ll adopt it. Surprisingly, it’s something I’ve been called out for in the past. I’ve been called contradictory, a liar, a fake: all because my new opinions aren’t the same as my old ones.

For some reason, many people view change as unnatural or forced. All us have heard the adage ‘people never change’ at some point in time or another. So when people do, a lot of the time they’re met with scepticism.

As entrepreneurs, it’s absolutely essential that we snap out of that way of thinking. Shedding old ideas doesn’t make us disloyal, it just makes space for the new ones that will help us grow and move forward.

I spoke to a friend recently who was too embarrassed to make a career change because she was worried what people would think. “I told people for so long that this is what I wanted,” she told me. “I don’t know how to tell them I’ve changed my mind.”

But change is nothing to shirk away from. Change is what projects us in the direction we’re meant to go. And it isn’t always easy. It means stepping away from our existing habits and skills. It means improving them, adopting new ones, recognizing that our tactics haven’t always been the best, or most advanced.

Shedding old ideas doesn’t make us disloyal, it just makes space for the new ones that will help us grow and move forward.

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In order to constantly improve, we need to constantly acknowledge that there’s still work to be done. And that can be tough. People naturally defend their methods and opinions. But to be truly successful at life and in business, we need to learn to stop. We need to learn to consider what our opponents are saying, we need to accept new technologies and methods, and we need to constantly challenge ourselves.

To create truly successful businesses, business which challenge the status quo, stand out, innovate and inspire customers, we need to evolve to not keep up with the times, but create them.

Lena Klein

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