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Five tools to help optimize your business

If you're a small business owner looking to optimize processes, it might be worth exploring some of the available tools. Many simple apps and online platforms have been designed to make managing time, people, and methods of communication much easier.

If you’re looking to streamline, here are five of my favourite tools:

1. Slack:

Whatever work you do, you can do it in slack.

Slack is an app designed to help your teams communicate with each other. You can create different channels for different teammates and plug in services to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If you’ve ever struggled with emails, people missing calendar invites, and misunderstandings in the office: Slack can fix it.

2. Buffer:

Build your audience and grow your brand on social media.

If you use social media to promote your business, using Buffer can be an absolute life saver. It allows you to schedule posts in advance, ensuring you never miss a post and can enjoy your holidays and weekends stress free.

If you’re not overly content savvy, they also have suggested content to help you populate your feeds.

3. Mailchimp:

Put your best foot forward with the all-in-one Marketing Platform that grows with you.

Slack can solve your inner-business communications, but when it comes to contacting customers having a dedicated email system can make all the difference. Mailchimp plugs effortlessly in ShopFactory, and you can use it to gather customer email addresses, add them to lists, and then reach out to them with the click of a button.

4. Tallyfy:

Say goodbye to chaos in your processes.

Tallyfy will help you manage all the processes in your business, helping you save time and avoid growing pain. Tallyfy will help you ensure everything is done the right way each time, regardless of who on your team is doing it.

5. Zapier:

Connect your Apps and Automate Workflows.

So you’ve signed up to all the above apps, and you’re suddenly drowning in data. That’s where Zapier comes in: it’ll help you easily move information, data and contacts between your web apps, and it’ll do it automatically.

By creating workflows (called zaps) you’ll be able to turn data transfer into a breeze.


Even established businesses can benefit from improved workflows and optimizations, and these tools make improvements easy.

What are your favourite apps and services?

- Lena Klein

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