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New checkout to boost conversions

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work improving the checkout experience for your customers.

We have used the latest research as well as the experience of many merchants using ShopFactory to streamline the checkout further than ever before.

With one goal in mind: to help you increase your conversion rates by simplifying the checkout and removing any hurdles which could stop your customers from completing their orders.

New checkout to boost conversions

The result is a clean new design with fewer form fields and a clearer focus on the task the customer must complete. The uncluttered design help buyers to focus on the important steps. And the integration of a much-improved feedback mechanism quickly informs them, if they have made a mistake.

By using the analysis of literally hundreds of checkouts as well as by focusing on the interaction of users we believe we have created a new checkout which will help you boost your sales by making the buying process in a shop created with ShopFactory easier than ever.

Even small changes such as letting people know which fields are optional, instead of just highlighting the required fields can make a difference in your turnover. But we have changed so much more than that.

The new checkout will become available shortly to users of the latest version of ShopFactory 14. To make the checkout make even smoother we also had to make changes to ShopFactory. So if you want to start using it, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of ShopFactory with this important update, when it becomes available.

We have also developed an address autocomplete app, which will make it easier especially on mobile devices to enter the deliver and shipping addresses. And we have switched the order in which delivery and billing addresses are requested. Because to customers it is more important where the order will be delivered. However, this means that you should check your custom fields if you have added those to your checkout. As the Billing address is now listed first, you may want to reorganize your custom fields to match the new design.

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