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Building the perfect customer solution

In order to craft the perfect customer solution, you just need to be able to anticipate their wants, needs and desires – which are likely constantly shifting and changing. Sounds easy right?

Thankfully, there are a few tricks and methods you can use to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping your customers content.

1. Brainstorm.

It’s easy enough: make a list of all the things your products currently can do, and another of all the things your customers might be looking for.

What functionalities do your products have? How can they be used? Include things your customers might not even be looking for, but which you could possibly offer. Then, take the time to create a list of all the things your customers have asked for in the past, and which they might benefit from – a wish list of sorts.

Examining what your product currently offers, and what features customers might be looking for, can give you great ideas for future development and planning. Once you’ve got some ideas on the table, start sorting them into short term and long-term goals. Where do they fall? Are they achievable? Will they benefit your customers and your product margins?

2. Maximize your current offerings.

If you’re not sure why customers aren’t reacting to your products and deals, take the time to go through some role play scenarios with some volunteers, and take note of the things they flag. Are you using language they don’t understand? Are you expecting too much existing knowledge? Do they have questions which you could start to pre-emptively answer?

Try to find people who fall into your target customer range to role play with, as their feedback will be more relevant. Then, take what you’ve learnt to better tailor your communications and products.

3. Plan for chaos.

Research shows that businesses with emergency plans in place fare much better when the unexpected strikes – so take the time to plan for it. Mapping out all the things you’re hoping won’t happen will help you react if they do, in the quickest time and in the easiest way possible.

Rather than planning for perfection, try the best you can and make plans for in case chaos strikes. This will help you better serve customer needs, and make sure they have the best experience possible.

4. Trial run, trial run, trial run.

Once you’ve mapped out potential growth areas for your business, made sure you’re communicating clearly, and have an emergency plan in place it’s time to start testing as much as possible.

Make sure that you trial launches, campaigns and events before they go live, by ensuring your entire team is up to scratch, has gone through the motions, and knows where and what they need to be performing and doing. That way, you can better predict outcomes, prepare for chaos, and streamline and track processes.


While you can’t predict the future, you can prepare for it. Let us know which strategies you use to stay ahead of the curve.

- Lena Klein

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