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The real driver of your profitability: Continuous upgrading

Ensuring your site is always up to date by continuously updating and upgrading is THE real driver of your profitability.
In the fast-moving world of the Internet, updating and upgrading is a critical factor in winning the game, and it would be a big mistake to freeze a website.
Whether you choose a ShopFactory subscription with continuous updates and upgrades or purchase a new ShopFactory license with each new upgrade release, which solution is best for you?

Upgrading to ShopFactory 14: Benefits of rental plans

- Benefits of upgrading to ShopFactory 14 with a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The best solution is if you opt for a ShopFactory subscription plan, in which case all upgrades and updates are available FREE OF CHARGE for the duration of your subscription. You can download them at any time and install the latest versions on your PC as soon as they are available.

Simply click on "Help" >>> "Support" >>> "Get "ShopFactory" in the software to download the latest version of ShopFactory free of charge or simply go to our support page and download the latest ShopFactory update to install onto your PC with the latest fixes.  ShopFactory monthly and yearly subscription plans also include a number of additional ecommerce services and features your shop is desperate for. Click here to read about them.

- Upgrading from a purchased ShopFactory 12 or older to a ShopFactory 14

It is easy to upgrade from a purchased ShopFactory 12 or older software license to the latest ShopFactory 14. You can do this from within your software interface.  Just click on "Upgrade" in the top toolbar to get the upgrade price list page or alternatively go to our website at and go to the "Pricing" >>> " Upgrade Pricing" page.

On the "Upgrade Pricing" page you can select if you want to upgrade to a ShopFactory subscription with continuous free access to all updates and version upgrades or if you want to upgrade to a purchased ShopFactory Version 14.

What about the price differences?  The price for upgrading to a purchased ShopFactory 14 software license is a little higher than the Upgrading to a ShopFactory yearly subscription fee . The initial year when upgrading from a purchased ShopFactory 12 or older software license to a ShopFactory yearly subscription fee is approx 15 - 20% cheaper than the usual applicable yearly subscription fee.  All ShopFactory users on a ShopFactory subscription always have free access to the latest Version for the duration of their subscription. Please take notice of the services and features which are only available with an active paid subscription account  as outlined on the pricing page and on the features list.

ShopFactory 14 is the best ShopFactory yet in our almost 25 year history. Build shops faster and more effectively. Achieve better SEO results. Offer your customers a powerful new search experience to make finding products easier. Boost sales with a vastly improved checkout. Benefit from an updated mobile mode, access to over 1500 new Apps and much, much more. Check out the list of new features here.

There are far more more features in ShopFactory 14 than we can list on this article. Best is you simply download it and try it out.

If you have an earlier version of ShopFactory, it's easy: ShopFactory 14 will install itself as a separate program and will not interfere with your your current installation.

To experience the power and ease of use of ShopFactory 14, just download it now.

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