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4 ways to optimize your online shop

If you've been running your store for a while, chances are you've let a few things slip – but it doesn't have to be a big deal. These four things shouldn't take longer than a week to implement, and once done they can boost sales, lower bounce rate and increase your audience.

Upload Images

92.6% of buyers believe that visuals are the most important factor in their buying decision: so if you’re not uploading them (or your images are low quality), you’re missing out.

You’ll need clear, well lit images which show the entire product and which allow customers to make informed decisions. That said, it’s important not to upload images that are so large that they impact the amount of time it takes your page to load. While ShopFactory is optimized to increase your loading speed, dragging and dropping your images into an online tool such as Tiny Jpg can help streamline this process by reducing file size.

Follow up on abandoned carts

There’s nothing more frustrating than a customer who has spent hours on your website, filled up their shopping cart, and then logged off without checking out. But when it comes to making sales, those customers are the ones you should be targeting. Why?

Because you don’t need to start from step one: they know who you are, they’ve been on your website, they recognize your brand – all you need to do is target them via email or social media advertisements to remind them of the products they liked and to check out.

Some businesses have managed to convert up to 40% of their abandoned carts into sales by sending follow up emails 48 hours after a cart was abandoned.

Embrace mobile

If you have a ShopFactory shop, good news: we ensure all of our layouts and designs are fully optimized for mobile.

But if you’re currently using another platform to sell online, take the time to visit your store from a phone: more people are buying from phones and tablets than ever before, so if your site only works from desktop, you’re missing out.

Write your own descriptions

I can’t count the number of drop shipping retailers I’ve encountered who’ve recycled the same product descriptions: if you want your store to stand out, it’s essential that you write your own.

And if you sell your own products, take the time to describe them online. What are they made of? Who are they for? How can they help the customer?

Product descriptions are also a great opportunity to share a little of your own personality: make the most of them.


These four small optimizations can make a massive difference in your business – implement them today, and you might be surprised by how much your revenue increases.

- Lena Klein

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