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How inspiring others can help boost your business

I can remember every time I was truly inspired by something. Once, it was a framed print at my primary school, of a quote another student had painted out and decorated. It said ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.’

I know now that the quote was actually written by Les Brown, but as a ten year old I thought I was studying alongside one of the smartest kids ever.

Another time, a teacher told me that ‘you’re a lot stronger than you think, and you never truly know how capable you are until you need to be.’ I have no idea if that came from the teacher originally, or if she was quoting a novel, or a politician, but it completely changed my way of thinking. I liked the idea of having hidden reserves, tucked away somewhere, to help me power through difficult days.

Here’s the thing: people remember things which inspire them. They remember reading things which make them look twice, and they remember the positive feelings which accompany an ‘aha!’ moment. So if you want them to remember your business, it’s well worth packaging it up with a little inspiration.

Why you should inspire

Feeling inspired just feels good. Every time someone encounters your business, they’re forming an opinion. They might not even be aware that it’s happening, and they might not remember word for word what they’ve read about - or from - you. But each time they do, they start to form an opinion, and every time they encounter you again they’re a little more biased than they were the last time.

It’s up to you to ensure that they become positively biased: looking forward to your content, expecting good things. And inspirational content can be an incredibly powerful tool in accomplishing that: if someone is inspired by you, you’ve build a connection. And a connected customer is more likely to buy, promote you, and recommend your products.

How you can inspire

You can share inspiration ideas anywhere you promote your business: through social media, newsletters, your website, presentations and in advertisements. If you’re not sure what to say, there are generally two things you can do, and both start with a list.

Your first option is to list down all the inspirational things you’ve done, or are doing. It can help to ask friends and family: you might not view your own actions as inspirational at times, even if they are. For instance, have you done any volunteering? Learnt any new skills? Improved your diet? Anything you’ve done to improve the quality of your life or the lives of those around you is fair game.

Businesses are no longer detached from the people who run them: your customers want to get to know you. And if you can share how you’ve managed to improve some asset of your life in a way which can inspire your customers to do the same, then it’s well worth considering! It doesn’t need to be massive either; it’s just about encouraging people to dream bigger, be more excited about life, and be more grateful.

Your second option is to write down as many things that have inspired you as possible. Then, you can consider sharing those things, and why they inspired you, over your platforms. Your customers won’t be hearing about you directly, but they’ll still be getting those great positive vibes when they view your business.


Not every piece of content you produce needs to be strictly promotional, but it is important to keep in mind that everything you post needs to contain the same message. Your goal, after all, is to make sales! Keep things professional, light hearted, inspirational and on brand and you’re sure to make a good impression.

Lena Klein

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