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Why is your shop incomplete?

With the holiday sales season 2021 coming up soon, it is time to get organized to save time and make the best out of all the opportunities ahead of us.

Offer discounts, use powerful apps to streamline processes, create marketing and gift coupons, provide memberships and reward programs. Manage your customers, incoming payments, orders, shipping, and much, much more with ShopFactory Cloud.

ShopFactory Cloud compliments your ShopFactory 14.6 software with additional functions and features to help you grow your business and optimize your profitability by combing the strength of a Window-based PC software and a server-based (Cloud) eCommerce solution.

Whether you sell one product or thousands, whether you sell to end-users or other businesses: ShopFactory Cloud gives you the simplicity you need when you start and the power and flexibility you require when you are already successful.

ShopFactory Cloud compliments ShopFactory 14.6 software with additional functions and features to supercharge your business and optimize profitability.

ShopFactory is a windows-based PC software and leading eCommerce solution which can be bought or rented (subscribed) with additional cloud functions, features, and services available online separately as needed.

ShopFactory Cloud gives you not only access to the latest ShopFactory software but also the ShopFactory Cloud services such as:

Why is your shop incomplete?

Customer and order management to save time

Online order management allows you to access your orders from anywhere in the world at any time. Avoid losing your orders and nerves if your e-mails are lost! Another advantage: Because of several anti-spam filters and other existing protections on the Internet, some e-mails end up not reaching their recipients. This can also happen to order e-mails. With the online order manager, you don't risk losing your order e-mails anymore. This allows you to maintain your reputation and increase your profits, especially during the holiday season.

It will also allow your customers to track their order status online, so they no longer need to contact you about their orders, which will save you time and will increase customer satisfaction.

Apps, Webhooks, and Triggers to add more power to your shop

Do you want to improve the SEO of your store? ShopFactory's new SEO App helps you make the changes you need and allows you to monitor the results so that you can push your products to the top in Google and other search engines.

The Quotes App allows your customers to request quotes. Or let customers ask for free product samples. Great functions, if you are a manufacturer or importer, for example.

Now you can create surveys, questionnaires, and contact forms with ease. Create unique online forms and surveys with ShopFactory 14's Form Builder App.

New webhook and trigger functions in the order management interface allow ShopFactory to talk to more 3rd party solutions than ever before. A new system of triggers is activated whenever you receive new orders or change the status of an order.

So now, when you receive an order, you can push it to hundreds of 3rd party systems such as MailChimp, Shipping providers, Accounting solutions, Website review platforms, Google Spreadsheets and SalesForce, and many more. A great new feature that will help you save time with managing orders, accounting, marketing, analytics, customer relationship management, and more.

Fraud Protection to save money

This service allows you to protect yourself against online fraud by alerting you to the most typical fraud scenarios. Is the customer really in the country where he pretends to be? Is he hiding behind a free e-mail address? Is he from a high-risk country, or is he trying to hide his IP address? Get warned of all similar fraud scenarios before they take action. An order may look perfectly fine to you - until ShopFactory Cloud warns you of a fraud attempt you didn't see coming.

Gift voucher and coupon engine to sell more

Most people are sensitive to bargains. By offering a discount to visitors who have already shown interest in your products, you increase their chances of buying from you. Offer them a coupon for a fixed amount, free shipping, or a small percentage to be deducted at checkout immediately. Be creative. When you send a package to your customers, don't forget to include a coupon as a gift to entice them to make their next purchase on your merchant site.

Membership / Loyalty Programs to better promote your shop.

This cloud service allows you to build customer loyalty and increase your profit. Let buyers join as members of your store and turn them into loyal customers by offering them special deals, membership discounts, loyalty points, or free shipping. The Customer/Member Management tool allows you to create and promote to your Customer Membership clients. Offer your customers a loyalty program by getting them to sign up and enter their personal information. Offer discounted or free shipping fees to your members according to the amounts of their orders in your online store! This service also gives you the option of restricting access to your site only to your registered members. Your members can gain access to prices and navigation on your site once they sign-up!

Unlimited updates & upgrades of your ShopFactory software to keep your shop competitive

You will have free access to the latest ShopFactory updates and upgrades to keep your shop updated with the latest developments. Contact us at any time with your support questions or feature requests, and we will help you try to resolve them.

Start Wholesale selling with Reseller and Affiliate management.

Build a wholesale customer base. Set up a dedicated list of resellers who buy products from you at reduced prices when reselling to them. Create different product groups with varying levels of discount depending on your profit margins.

This cloud service also allows you to keep an eye on your wholesale customers and build a network of affiliated resellers. Offer different discount levels to your customers according to their qualities. Offer various discounts on different types of products. Restrict access to your prices for your resellers and prevent others from visiting your site. Track your resellers on five levels and let your affiliate resellers register themselves.

Google Ads Campaigns tracking to measure the results exactly

Advertising can be expensive, and you want to know exactly how much revenue it brings to your business. Track your advertising campaigns and measure their impact on your sales! Launch several advertising campaigns and test their effectiveness. Follow-up on your advertising campaigns to save your money and increase your profit - see what advertising campaigns work and what campaigns do not. It provides you with the information you need to budget your future advertising campaigns. Whether you buy PPC / Pay Per click keywords from search engines, place banners on other websites, or send mailing campaigns to your prospects - the tracking system lets you know which campaign brings you the most profit.

There are far more features in ShopFactory Cloud that your shop may be missing. Check our list of features and/or Pricing page to see all the features and services included in a subscription .

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