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Minimizing cart abandonment

The statistics are staggering: in 2019, the rate of shopping cart abandonment had risen to 79%. While the numbers aren’t in yet for 2020, it’s no secret that shopping cart abandonment is stressful and at times confusing: why are customers walking away when they’re so close to purchasing?

During these difficult times, ensuring you capture every sale is more important than ever.

Here are three ways you can potentially save a customer from walking away, and why ShopFactory is the perfect solution to help.

Keep Checkout Simple.

Unexpected delivery costs, required account creation, and forms which ask for far too many questions can all make buyers uneasy. With ShopFactory, you can easily calculate shipping costs and make them clearly visible from the get go, and use our Express Checkout tool to make purchases simple and intuitive.

Asking customers to make an account might seem logical from a marketing perspective, but making it compulsory can be a total turn off: picture standing in line at the supermarket, card in hand, and being asked to write down all your details. Realistically, 9/10 times you just want to purchase and leave, and if you can’t do so without filling out the details, you might abandon the purchase at the till to avoid the hassle (or even avoid the venue in the future).

By making account creation voluntary, streamlining the checkout purchase (28% of customers abandon simply because checkout is awkward!), and providing clear information on shipping, you can improve customer experience and minimize those abandoned carts.

Make sure you follow up.

If someone does decide to walk away, it’s worth following up: there’s a reason they visited your store in the first place, and something motivated them to pick the products they did. Effective cart abandonment emails are essential: reaching out to almost buyers to see if you can still engage them.

To nail your re-engagement emails, make sure to include a clear call-to-action within them, optimize them for mobile, showcase the product and potentially include alternatives.

By following up, you could recapture 10% or more of buyers you may have lost otherwise.

Ensure your buyers feel secure.

A key element in whether customers decide to buy or not is how legitimate your website appears. Avoiding Typos, selecting the correct website address (Hyperlink to this article, and having a professional appearance all pay a role in whether someone will ultimately click ‘purchase’.

Thankfully, creating a professional looking website has never been easier, thanks to our pre-designed templates and intuitive drop and drag blocks. Because ShopFactory also collaborates with all the big names in buying (such as paypal), customers will see names they trust upon checkout.

When it comes to cart abandonment, a well designed website, easy checkout process, and trusted buying options will help you minimize the risks.

- Lena Klein

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