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Boost sales with ShopFactory 14.5

We have just released ShopFactory 14.5 in time for the Christmas sales. And we are thrilled with the many improvements we have been able to include. The 40 times faster product search alone will help you net many more sales this festive season.

In-store search has become one of the most important features for customers. So we have worked hard to speed up and optimize the new PHP search, which we introduced in ShopFactory 14.

The results are amazing.

The optimized search is up to 40 times faster compared to ShopFactory 14.0. Even in stores with thousands of products search results come up super-fast.

You can select and arrange product search filters via My Store. Ranging from categories to options, specifications, pricing, brands and more. For each filter your customers can now also see how many products are found.

If that's not enough, have a look at out our new Doofinder Search App. One of over 450 apps in the ShopFactory App store. Check out our Appstore, if you haven't already done that.

Better Search engine optimization

Together with our most successful customers we have improved our automatic search engine features.

The results have been incredible. With website listings in Google's search results constantly rising. And that's on top of the great results users are already achieving with ShopFactory 14.

If you put some effort into optimizing your content for search engines, ShopFactory 14.5 will help you rise through Google's rankings.

Our SEO APP in the App store can help you optimize your content.

We have also sped up ShopFactory 14 itself further. Making ShopFactory 14.5 more responsive than ever. Now it takes even less time to build and manage your store, helping you finish your work faster.

Better hosting

If you are hosting your online store with us, you will have noticed your shops are faster, too. HTTP/2 integration, fast SSDs and a switch to faster code make sure of that. Of course ShopFactory 14 are faster, anyway, regardless of where you host them.

Other fixes

As usual ShopFactory 14.5 also includes many other fixes and improvements. Making sure ShopFactory and your stores run more smoothly

Upgrade now

If you haven't upgraded to ShopFactory 14 yet, do yourself a favour: Upgrade now and get ready to boost your sales this Christmas.

If you have already upgraded or you have a subscription, make sure to install ShopFactory 14.5. You'll notice the difference.


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