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Why it pays to be up to date

If you are like me, you probably hate updating your software.
After all you are used to the way it works.
It seems to be doing its job and you really have other things to worry about, which are far more important.
But after reading this article you will probably realize why it is important to stay up to date.

I am sure you are familiar with the saying "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." In many cases I would agree with this saying.

However in the fast moving world of the Internet - upgrading is part of the ball game.

These days lackluster sales may have nothing to do with your overall sales efforts. Your sales could also be affected by the release of a new browser, changed search engine requirements or a shift in user behaviour.

That’s one of the main reasons why ShopFactory 14 is available with updates and upgrades* included. It allows us to help you stay on top of your game by constantly improving the software.

Browsers change

Your biggest problems are the ever changing browsers and operating systems used by your customers. Firefox is now in version 80, Google’s Chrome is in version 85 and Microsoft has released Edge browser and Windows 10.

Browsers have changed so much, that websites created just a few years ago no longer work properly in them. If your sales have dropped — could this be a cause?

Another change is the drift to mobile devices. ShopFactory now includes an automatically built mobile device version of your website and specialized cart features for mobile device check-out.

ShopFactory 14 also uses HTML5 and CSS3 elements in its templates to make sure your shop looks good on the home PC, on tablet computers and on mobile devices. A big change is also coming with search engines and requirements as HTML5 is rolled out. Are you ready?

Not only are these enhancements made to keep current with the latest trends on the internet - but new and improved features are added. The new features and tools all help make your workload easier when you have to continually update your shop.

Web designs change

Of course presenting yourself with outdated designs is another problem in today’s competitive world. Design expectations have changed for customer expectations. What looked good 5 years ago, is no longer acceptable today.

ShopFactory 14 with its many up-to-date high quality templates allows you to stand up to your competitors and to beat them in the sales game.

Search Engines change

Just like with browsers, Search Engines are updating at the speed of light.

This past year all the Search Engines joined together to implement a new strategy. A new way of marking up content and products was developed to make it easier for Search Engines to identify content on your site so they can better list your products in search results and product portals.

Just select one of the new Version 14 “product templates” in ShopFactory’s latest release to benefit from all these improvements.

Since ShopFactory 14 was released with the “SEO changes” - anyone using ShopFactory 14 has benefited from higher rankings and increased traffic, as well as sales increases. This was proven World Wide over and over again by ShopFactory online merchants - and we did it before anyone else!

Better conversion

As you can see, sometimes staying up to date can be well worth your while.

Better design, better search engine compatibility and up-to-date browser compatibility ensure you will convert the highest number website visitors into paying customers.

You can easily upgrade or download the latest version from within ShopFactory.

ShopFactory 14 Rental plan also includes free upgrades when released. If you are currently on a ShopFactory 12 or older Rental program, you can download your free upgrade today!

Note: Upgrades are included free when you are on a "ShopFactory Rental Plan" or subscription

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