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Loyalty building tricks used by airline companies to get inspired from

Innovative marketing strategies are essential for most industries, especially online store owners. People read daily about lousy customer service and product reviews. Without some pro-active and professional marketing approaches to create loyalty, you can't survive in this competitive world. Here are 4 marketing tips airline companies use to help you get inspired. Have a glance when you get a chance...

The idea here is to keep being creative and consistently perform better than competitors. In other words, sell less and provide more value. Think about the buyers first, and let profit follow on its own. After all, your business is all about your customer base.

Loyalty building tricks used by airline companies to get inspired from

1. Focus on the existing customer

Retaining a customer costs 5 times less effort and money than recruiting a new one. This is the main reason why airline companies literally pamper their best customers and communicate with them regularly. You can also stimulate frequent orders, recommendations, word of mouth, and collect positive testimonials by doing the same.

A membership or rewards program helps reach new audiences and convert them into potential customers. The same applies to online store owners who can give customers specific points (or miles if you like), that they can use for future orders. As a result, customers always travel with the same airline company thanks to these reward points. This strategy is tremendous for increasing your customer base and retaining your existing customers.

QUICK TIP : With ShopFactory Cloud you can set up "Customer Membership Programs" to provide member login so that a customer can log in to view discounted prices applicable to all shop members.
See how you can achieve this here.

You can also offer 'Free shipping' to shop members when they purchase a certain amount.
See how in this tutorial.

2 Recognizing and calling first-class customers and frequent flyers by their name

The goal here is quite simple. Emphasize the customer service personal touch.

"Sure, that's easy to say. But how exactly could you do?" Let's look at the basics. This means that even something as simple as calling a customer by his first name can go a long way in establishing a personal connection with someone and improving loyalty. Calling customers by their names removes the numbers customers are referred to as by. In other words, when businesses say a person's name, they acknowledge their customer's humanity. The benefit of using a customer's name is creating a unique experience environment. Yes, it may sound small, but tiny details add up. By the way, you could also add a hand-written thank you note to your "frequent flyers" parcels to make a thoughtful but loyalty-building gesture.

QUICK TIP : Post your profile (or that of your employees) on your shop. Highlight the people who prepare shipments, those who communicate with customers daily, and who care about their satisfaction. The personal touch will remind your customers that they deal with people, not an "organization." ShopFactory Cloud provides a list to identify your own first-class customers by sorting them on the number of orders, purchase totals, and even their purchased products.

3 Avoid hidden fees and provide some unexpected extras

Adding transparency to your shipping rates is another simple action that you can take. People get annoyed whenever airlines start charging them hidden fees like snacks or drinks once on board. To avoid this, as a store owner, you need to provide access to fair shipping costs as early as possible in your checkout funnel. "Surprise" shipping costs are one of the leading causes of shopping cart abandonment. You should actually look into doing even better along with the loyalty program by adding little free goodies in the parcels to enhance your reputation for orders reaching a certain $ amount.

4 Customer satisfaction and value for money

The value you offer to your buyers is directly proportional to your profit. But, what are these extra values in practice? Innovative airline companies create articles and videos on topics such as "Flying for the first time - what to prepare?". Besides reinforcing your brand awareness and SEO, such content targeted at beginners are truly helpful for all those looking at using your products or services for the first time. When people read your content, they'll probably also book a ticket through you.

Giving more legroom and offering more options such as shipping and payment is another critical strategy that any ShopFactory store owner can implement to make their buyer's journey more accessible and comfortable. This can be achieved permanently with ShopFactory cloud rental plans, including continuous upgrades to the latest version of ShopFactory and providing new and more features to reinforce customer experience. Combine it with reward points, and buyers will most certainly fly with you forever.

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