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Copy-pasting - the safe way

Is your shop unstable? Is it crashing for no reason? Do you get system, browser, or cookie errors? Don't look any further. You probably had inherited coding from other websites in conflict with your shop when you copy-pasted texts. Here are three essential tips about adding content from your supplier or a competitor's website to your ShopFactory shop to maintain its stability. Experience has shown that online stores built on this process very rarely have problems.

Copy-pasting - the safe way

=> Tip N° 1

This advice is for website designing in general. While it's potentially not legal to copy/paste content from other sites, it is the worst practice for any design tool from a technical perspective. Grabbing text with the mouse imports invisible code and can be the source of many problems in your shop, which can cost you hours trying to fix it (even a copy-paste from Word does it).

Solution: When you copy text, you can use the Paste as Text option (this option will show when you right-click with your mouse on the spot where you want to paste the text). Paste as Text will remove all invisible coding from your text.

=> Tip N° 2

Suppose you already used copy-paste in your store in the past to add content from other websites, Word, or any other application. In that case, we recommend making a backup/copy of your store and then eliminating the harmful content.

The best is to proceed by elimination and chronological order: Everything should return to normal once you remove the hidden code.

95% of the strange cases we deal with ShopFactory free support finds an explanation with code inserted into shops from copy/paste methods.

=> Tip N° 3

Why should you avoid duplicate content on your website?

To summarize the legalities of copying a website design: You cannot duplicate copyrighted elements such as images, text, or source code. Furthermore, we have established that it can harm your site's performance by preventing your pages from ranking in the search results.

Google and other search engines care a lot about giving searchers a range of relevant and interesting results when they search for something.

If they listed the same, or even very similar, pages of content multiple times on the first page of their search results when someone searches for a keyword, then the searcher wouldn't be pleased.

After all, who wants to see the same content on a bunch of different sites? People want to see additional information, opinions, and views.

Therefore, Google will only show the same page of content once in their primary search results, and that page will be the original publisher, not anyone who has copied the content.

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