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How to prevent burnout

Entrepreneurs do a lot: they manage, organize, budget, market, package, research and more. It’s no surprise so many of us are burnt out: but we don’t need to be. Here are some easy tactics you can implement in your day to day life to help keep you calm, happy, and ready for work.

Make your morning your own.

It can be tempting to check your social media accounts and website and emails the second you wake up: but you really shouldn’t. The second you start checking in you’re making yourself available for problems, other people’s opinions, and work.

Instead, establish a morning routine that’s all about you and stick to it. For example, you might take half an hour to read, or decide to exercise before breakfast.

Set up everything you’ll need for the morning, and focus on just that. Browsing through emails first thing will likely only diffuse your attention and energy.

It’s also worth setting an objective or intention for each day. This can be personal, such as taking the time out to have a healthy lunch, or work related, such as completing a task you’ve been delaying.

Focus your thoughts.

While a healthy diet will help keep your body healthy (and therefore your mind) it’s also important to be aware of where you’re spending your mental energy.

The place you spend the most of your energy will likely grow. If you’re focusing on the sales department, the sales department will grow. If you’re focusing on packaging, you’ll likely implement new packaging.

But if you focus on problems and perceived obstacles, they’ll develop too: you’ll suddenly see more and more things which stand in your way. That’s why it’s so important to take time to meditate or reflect on your mindset at regular intervals. Be aware of what you’re focusing on, and readjust if need be.

Be on the lookout for solutions.

When it comes to juggling it’s good to know where all the balls are at all times. But it’s simply unreasonable to expect entrepreneurs to know absolutely everything that’s happening, and how, all the time.

Instead of asking yourself “how on earth will I manage everything?” rephrase and ask yourself “what is it that needs to happen next?”.

For instance, you might need to implement some accounting software for your business. If you have no experience with accounting, this could be a source of anxiety. This is why it’s key to focus on the what and not the how. The solution in this example would be to purchase accounting software and learn to use it. The how’s = how will I learn? How will I manage? How will I do? – they’re simply questions that will cause stress. Instead, focus on what needs to be done next, and simply commit to it.

Celebrate your differences.

Sarah Blakely, self-made billionaire, once said that “negative self-talk is the number one barrier to success.” And it’s true: we’re our biggest critics, and we constantly compare ourselves to those further along on their journey.

Instead of feeling threatened by or worried about the accomplishments of your competitors, use them as inspiration. Everyone begins somewhere, and it’s important to recognize that our differences are what make our businesses valuable.

A key way to help yourself overcome negative self-talk is by boosting those around you. Once you support your peers, you’ll begin to extend some of that support to yourself.

And if things don’t work out this time, learn from them. Refine your purpose and strategy and try again. The fewest ideas and products were hits on the first round: hang in there.

Instead of asking yourself “how on earth will I manage everything?” rephrase and ask yourself “what is it that needs to happen next?”.

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It’s important that we learn to take some of the pressure off ourselves. Success isn’t the synonym of busy: you can prioritize yourself and be successful, and you don’t need to be connected and overworked every minute of the day to be progressing. Claim some time for yourself, and focus on your mentality and attitude: it’ll make a world of difference.

Lena Klein

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