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Changes to order processing

Due to changes in legislations and security protocols we'll soon be forced to stop supporting order processing for old ShopFactory versions: 9 years and older. This is because servers, browsers security features and eCommerce regulations have changed drastically in recent years.

If you have ShopFactory 5 to 9, your customers will no longer be able to place orders from August 15, 2020 onwards.

However, all ShopFactory versions from 10 to 14 will continue to work without a problem. You can even install ShopFactory 14.5 on the same computer as your current version. So you can update and use our most up to date version at no risk to you.

To help you in making the change, and as a thank you for supporting us for so long, we're offering you a 20% upgrade rebate plus an additional 50% discount voucher (valid until August 15, 2020) to switch to the latest version now.

ShopFactory 14.5 not only addresses the security and browser compatibility issues. It also allows you to comply with all regulations and has countless new features to help you increase sales dramatically.

Simply import your existing shop project into ShopFactory 14.5, pick a new SFX website theme and publish your store again.

Let us know if you need help, and we will look after you.

Not convinced? Here is what Soraya Bont of Pedicurepunt wrote to us last week, after upgrading her online shop to a 14.5 website theme:

"We should have done this much earlier … sales are rising rapidly. What we sold in a week before the update, we now sell in a single day. Our old but especially new customers find the website and the products much easier to navigate and also buy a lot more per order."

Online sales have never grown as quickly as now. Upgrade now to ShopFactory 14.5 and don't risk missing out on this eCommerce explosion.

Less risk. More orders. And a 20% upgrade rebate plus a 50% discount voucher (valid until August 15, 2020). Click here and act now. Your discount voucher code is V14C12.


1: Not sure yet? Simply download the ShopFactory 14 demo version and try it out. ShopFactory 14 can run on the same time as older versions of ShopFactory (Windows 7 or above). So you can try it without affecting your current version. It also copies your existing project to convert it – making the whole process easy and risk free. Contact us if you need any help with your upgrade. We are here to get you going as quickly as possible. 

2: Forgot your username, email address or registration code? You can recover them during the upgrade. Or contact for help.

3: ShopFactory 14 is still available as a software only option to be purchased as per all previous versions without any ongoing fees.
Simply select the "Buy License" option on the pricing page.
The "Buy License" options comes with one year free subscription which can be cancelled at any stage if the additional Total Care services are not required.

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