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Why Ecommerce personalization is so effective

Studies show that 48% of customers spend more while online shopping if their experience is personalized. But what exactly is a personalized experience, and what about it makes such a difference?

When it comes to online, tailoring an experience can include using personal messages (both automatic ones designed to respond to information input by the customer, and manual ones – when the seller contacts a customer directly), using customer data to predict which products they might be interested in, and suggesting add-on purchases designed to improve products they have already bought.

So why are these changes so effective?

1. They cut through the noise

Customers have limited attention: they like to be entertained or engaged, and if they’re not they simply switch off. By personalizing content for them, you’re adding value and offering them a personal invitation to act.

Some of these changes are incredibly easy to implement: many email marketing services allow you to simply build them into your campaigns. When customers sign up to newsletters, for instance, they’re often asked to enter their first and last name. Email marketing systems can then allow you to address each email to each customer.

For the customer, receiving an email with their name in it is much more likely to pique interest than a generic one.

Ads targeted at customers based on previous interests and curated product collections can also help provide the service they’re used to instore: you’re showing them that even online you’re paying attention, and that you actively care about their wants and needs.

Personalized products and messages can also help slice through the information overload customers face on a daily basis. By reaching out to them thoughtfully, you’re making it easier for them to buy and receive your message.

2. They put the customer in charge

When people feel they’re in control, they’re scientifically proven to be happier and healthier. By tailoring an online experience to customers, you’re helping them feel in charge of the buying process: their actions have meant they’re not exposed to unwanted products, and they feel spoken to personally.

They’re also able to make quick, informed solutions. Instead of offering them up endless irrelevant options, customer personalization means showing them only what they’re likely to want or need, meaning less stress for them and easier decisions – and a higher conversion rate.

Personalized products and messages can help slice through the information overload customers face on a daily basis. By reaching out to them thoughtfully, you’re making it easier for them to buy and receive your message.

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3. They lead to a positive experience

Perhaps the most effective and important part of a tailored shopping experience is sending your customers the message that you care. By addressing them by name, suggesting products and actively engaging (whether through automated systems or personally) you increase the customer service experience. The better the experience, the more likely it’ll be that they become repeat buyers – so a personalized experience can form the beginning of many long-term relationships.

Many people think traditional retail has the edge on Ecommerce when it comes to customer engagement, but through targeted ads, email messages, landing pages and curated products you can personalize the experience of every single customer you have. And 75% of customers can recognize when it’s happening, and appreciate it.


A personalized experience can make all the difference. While some elements of a personalized approach can be difficult or time consuming to create, others - such as naming customers in emails - are easy and just as effective. So get connecting with your customers today!

Lena Klein

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