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Do not rely on e-mails to receive orders — Use Total Care!

With all the spam filters set up by email providers, ISP's and hosting companies, your order confirmation e-mail which was once safe — is not anymore.

If you send an important message through the Internet, it is no longer a certainty that the recipient will receive it. It's as simple as that.

At the root of this problem, the proliferation of spam (junk mail), and the many methods used to get rid of them. Nowadays, e-mail may well be lost between your Website and your computer. Your ISP can take the initiative to remove order notifications thinking it is spam - and without even bothering to inform you. Your anti-virus program or newer advanced email programs might do the same because of automatic updates and intelligent mail filters.

The potential for losing an order notification email is compounded since the internet continues to grow rapidly. When an email of any type is sent it may travel through several servers to reach its intended destination. A chain is only as good as it’s weakest link. When one of those servers goes down, or is unavailable — any email can get lost in cyberspace indefinitely.

Receiving orders by e-mail is a great way to draw in revenue. However, a lost email copy is unacceptable for business - especially when it’s a sales order! If you want to ensure that a recipient is receiving a message sent to them, it is better not to rely solely on e-mail communication.

So how do you combat this growing problem?

If you sell online, you can not rely on a simple order taken in via a form that transmits data via email. A good e-Commerce solution should store your orders online, and manage backup information in a secure environment.

This obviously implies compliance with strict standards of confidentiality (learn more about PCI standards Security is our first concern) and a monthly fee. But in return, you will never lose an order or control. You will also not have to deal with upset buyers still waiting for their packages. One lost order could cost you much more than it would cost your business without these online services.

ShopFactory Total Care packages allow you to save your orders online. The Total Care Online Order Management System can also help you benefit from a Fraud Detection tool that detects and warns you of potentially fraudulent orders. Total Care facilitates additional marketing and online back office work, package preparation and automatically advising your customers of updates and status of their orders. There are many new enhancements and time saving tools right at your fingertips now with the Santu Express Check-out included in Total Care.

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