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"Dimenticavo di direche se aveste bisogno di testimonianze sul software, sarò lieto di offrirvene una. Il vostro software carrello/cassa ha visto la mia attività crescere da zero a oltre $ 1 milione di fatturato nel giro di pochi anni !!! Da un cliente molto felice." Warren Welsh

"Entro la prima settimana (dopo l'aggiornamento a ShopFactory 11) abbiamo ricevuto quattro volte il numero di ordini di alto valore rispetto alla settimana precedente con il vecchio sito. Siamo molto soddisfatti di come sta funzionando" Stephen

"Anche se sapevamo che ShopFactory avrebbe dovuto contribuire a generare SEO, siamo stati sorpresi di vedere che, solo con il nostro costante aggiornamento del sito e delle varie promozioni incrociate, adesso il nostro sito n° 1 nei motori di ricerca di Google." Stacey King

"Siamo una piccola azienda a conduzione familiare. Io e mio marito lavoriamo entrambi al computer. Anche lui usa ShopFactory con facilità, cosa significativa dato che lui è un pittore di giorno. Questo è il primo software carrello/cassa pronto all'utilizzo, gli altri che abbiamo provato prima erano una seccatura ". Rose Elliot

"Grazie a ShopFactory ... siamo cresciuti da un'apertura aziendale 'senza soldi' ad un'azienda online fiorente conosciuta a livello nazionale in Canada. Continuiamo a crescere ogni anno del 60% o più con le nostre vendite". Robert Parsons

“La differenza che ShopFactory ha fatto per le nostre vendite e la presenza sul web è veramente sorprendente. Ho pensato che fossimo in una fase di recessione qui nel Regno Unito, ma non per noi e le vendite continuano a crescere e io davvero credo in questo senso ShopFactory abbia davvero aiutato. Richard

“Saluti e grazie per il vostro aiuto. Mi piace SF e sono in 1° pagina su Google con il mio primo negozio per la maggior parte delle mie parole chiave. SF rende tutto così facile! Trudy Williams

“ShopFactory 8 è incredibile! Abbiamo aggiunto un prodotto al nostro webshop la scorsa notte ed è arrivato numero 1 in Google solo 8 ore più tardi! " E.Berghuizen

ShopFactory è fantastico! Portate tutto lo staff fuori per una pizza e birra! Pete

“Prima di acquistare Factory Shop, avevo investito un sacco di soldi in una soluzione software che prometteva di fare tutto, ma mi sono imbattuto solo in problemi dopo problemi. ShopFactory è stato un salvavita. Suggerirei ShopFactory a tutti! Chad Koralik

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with your knowledgeable and friendly service in attending to the problem I had with Shop Factory. You were refreshingly pro active and I really appreciate your efforts. I'll have no hesitation in recommending Shop Factory to anyone considering building their own web site. Peter Sedgwick, Expense Reduction Analysts

ShopFactory is brilliant! Well done to all concerned. Colin Miller

Thank you once again for your help and very prompt response. I am most pleased with your level of service, as well as your excellent software! Steve Upham

Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great product... I've been using SF for about two months and I'm so pleased with its ease and the many things I can accomplish with it. Thank you from a happy customer. Joan Hannan, Hannan's Runway

By the way, never complimented you guys, I love your system, it works great and makes life much less complicated. Michael Thompson

We were very surprised by how quickly our shop was created and by the professional results obtained. Myriam C Brittany

ShopFactory is the absolute best shopping cart system on the market. Its ease of use and almost zero learning curve makes it easy for me. Patrick Barela, Huntleigh Telecom Group

I have tried out about 20 demo versions of store and shopping cart software, over the past couple of years, and for price and ease of use, your software is unbeatable. John Lamarre, Curioshoppe

We average about $800.00 per day, the package works great, no HTML programming is required. Just fill in the blanks, set up your index page and publish to your ISP with the built in FTP program. Michael Dickinson, Thompson Pharmacy

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product. I really enjoy using the software and find its easy to use interface far more appealing than other products costing 2-3 times as much. Keep up the good work... Hartley Slann

I have uploaded my shop to my web site without problem and tested it with a dummy order. I was surprised at the speed that the order was processed and how quickly I got the confirmation. Thank you for providing such an excellent program!David Houghton

I am impressed — We were up and running within a couple hours! Dr D A von Blerk (PhD, MSc), Ecofitonline

Best solution I've ever seen! Julian Flockton, F&K Multimedia

ShopFactory has been the best investment for my company. It is hard to find a good product that does every thing you request from it! Nick Blackman, Blackman Computer Consulting

I was truly stunned at the level of choices as to style and ability to easily change the ‘look’ of my shop and the ability to have multiple languages.... WOW! Paul R Ouzts, Houston TX

WYSIWID — What You Say Is What It Does! Henk Derickx

Prior to purchasing Shop Factory, I had invested a lot of money on a software solution that was promised to do everything, but I only ran into issue after issue. Shop Factory was a life saver. Not only does Shop Factory provide endless eCommerce solutions, but the pricing was reasonable. I would recommend Shop Factory to everyone! Chad Koralik, CDI Graphic Technology

I would never go back and use another shopping cart now that I have experienced the ease of Shop Factory for my online store. Thanks. Bob

90% of the time (building my shop) was spent thinking about the text and producing the images. The rest was easy. I am MOST impressed with ShopFactory's marketing, registration and support people. They have been exceptionally helpful and accommodating. I cannot tell you how nice it has been to find people who are really willing to help and are obviously keen to support their customers. Hugh Buckle

I congratulate the creators of ShopFactory. It seems to me an excellent tool for the creation of stores online. I have used several software for creation of stores online and none of them are near ShopFactory.” Fernando

Btw, great product, you did good with this one! Looked all over for a solution, my wife could do without my intervention... now I don't have to hardly mess with her web site at all... you saved my butt! Mike Middleton

Once again your support has been first class. It is clear, concise and is one of the important reasons why I continue to use your software.  Keep up the good work. Paul
As always, the support and communication I get from ShopFactory is second to none, and as always I continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen! Have a good day. Myles  Evans
I have been trialling a variety of shops and carts and yours is without doubt the easiest to use, the most professional looking, provides the customer input fields I need and basically is in a different league to the rest. Norton Townsend
Very user friendly and easy to use. Christophe Bourges, Audioénergie
This software is very practical and particularly intuitive. Guillaume R Littoclime, Contest Saint
Super quality-price ratio, we have just integrated 10.000 articles and the site did not slow down! Florent, Paris Marine

“Very good investment for a young company founder.” Laurence, Herbatica

“Thank you, Thank you ShopFactory, way to go!” Yves Knives, Country House

“Compliments to your Support team. It's not only about money. With this kind of doing bussiness, I'm sure you will have a lot of success for the future. Keep on moving!” Gerard Albus

Your software is really incredibly efficient and simple! Thank you very much. Fred Huber

You have one overjoyed ShopFactory user who promotes your software among my "disenchanted with eBay" collectible trader friends. Given the level of eBay fees these days I remind them that it’s money well spent! Gary

GREAT, thank you so much. You guys are a huge help as always. There is no-one that does it better. Thank you again! Richard Showalter

I love ShopFactory. I didn't think I would like it but after using it, I LOVE it! Paula Irvin, US