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Shopping cart software, fully responsive website builder, store manager and more: Your complete eCommerce solution.

ShopFactory 10 all-in-one eCommerce solution helps you start selling online and via mobile devices in no time. Create your responsive website and online store using the best store builder to promote and sell your products easier than ever - whether your customers use PCs, tablets or mobile phones.

Securely accept payments and manage products, orders and customers with this multi-award winning shopping cart software.

Add as many products and create as many online shops as you want. Just create the shop, publish it and start selling.

You can publish the online shop(s) on any server available to you.
Or use the free hosting service provided as part of ShopFactory Total Care

Unlike most other eCommerce solutions ShopFactory is desktop software. It runs on your own computer - allowing you to work fast, even when the Internet slows down.   

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Become a success story with ShopFactory eCommerce software and multi award winning online store builder

Since ShopFactory Pro and Gold were conceived in 1995 we have continuously developed and improved them.

Whether you want to buy office furniture in the Netherlands, elite watch brands in France, beach baskets in Germany, Italian handmade leather shoes in Florence or musical instruments in Italy, scuba diving equipment in Switzerland, travel essentials for kids or premium gifts for all occasions in Australia, fishing and marine accessories in New Zealand or performance parts & accessories for your Sport vehicle in the United States; almost everything is on offer in stores running ShopFactory shopping cart software in 100+ countries around the world. Create and maintain your website and online store in any language and/or multiple languages as and when required.

What about your products? Start building your online store and add them to your free ShopFactory Gold right now!

A better shopping cart to boost your sales

Boost sales with a better shopping cart and more powerful online store builder

ShopFactory eCommerce solutions make buying fast, super easy and totally secure to help you get more sales.

From the moment customers click on a buy now button to purchase your goods, they are guided all along the way to ensure they will complete their purchase securely.

Of course ShopFactory also helps you receive customer payments and stay on top of your orders.

Selling and buying has never been easier.

Search enginge optimization has never been easier

Search engines love stores created with ShopFactory eCommerce solutions (SEO)

ShopFactory helps you right out of the box when it comes to boosting your search engine listings (SEO) — with a host of built in functions designed to automatically boost your listings in search results. All you have to do is add your appropriate content!

How well does this work? Good enough for many of our customers to reach top positions in Google.

E. Berghuizen of was so impressed by ShopFactory Gold's performance, he wrote us about his experience: "We added a product to our webshop last night and it was number 1 in Google only 8 hours later!"

Professional website themes - 100% customizable

Professionally designed Pro and Gold website themes: customizable by you

ShopFactory Pro and Gold come with hundreds of professionally prepared website themes with responsive design suitable for any PC, computer, laptop or mobile device to help you impress your customers.

Customizing them is easy: pick a theme you like, then change images and colors with your mouse to get a completely new look! Click here for examples of our customer websites.

If you are a website designer you can also delve right into the template code and adjust the designs to your hearts content.

Click here to view ShopFactory Pro and Gold website templates.

Or download your free ShopFactory Gold software now to see how easy this is!

Accept online payments easily

Accept online payments securely and easily

With ShopFactory software and eCommerce services you can accept online payments manually or automatically — depending on your preferences.

You can ask customers to send you a check, money order or to transfer money into your account. Or offer 'Cash on Delivery', 'Pick up and Pay' and other manual payment methods.

Of course you can also accept payments in real time via one of the many payment service providers which have partnered with us, such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Authorize Net, WorldPay and many others.

High level SSL encryptions ensures that the ordering process is super secure. 

Total Care adds more services to ShopFactory - free of charge

Free Total Care adds extra power

Total Care adds many eCommerce services as well as high availability website hosting to ShopFactory products to help you reach further with your online business venture.

Online order management, statistics, customer membership management, reseller pricing, affiliate partner systems, discounts, gift vouchers, export to accounting systems and email list generation are just some of the many features supported. 

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ShopFactory Total Care - adds many eCommerce features

High availability website hosting

Stores created with ShopFactory Pro or Gold can be hosted on any server anywhere in the world.

Just publish and start selling.

Or you can use the free and optional high availability store hosting service provided with Total Care.

The choice is yours.



Many partners around the world are integrated with ShopFactory

Supported by partners around the world

A huge list of companies around the world have partnered with ShopFactory to help you doing business online.

More than 50 payment service providers including PayPal and WorldPay help you accept customer payments — or accept payments directly by bank transfer, check or pick-up-and-pay, for example.

The world's big shipping providers such as UPS, FedEx and TNT help you deliver your products to your customers.

Popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Myob can import your orders to simplify your book keeping.

Compatible Internet shopping portals such as eBay and help you attract more customers.  Find out more

Or try ShopFactory now to see how easy eCommerce can be.


18+ years of eCommerce experience

Today more than one million customers visit ShopFactory shops every day. An impressive result, which makes us one of the most successful  eCommerce solutions providers  in the world.

A success we owe to our customers. So after all these years of ShopFactory we are still dedicated to the aim we set ourselves at the very beginning:

To be successful by helping others succeed in their e-commerce ventures. Your profit is our challenge.

We hope we will be able to help you, too.