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Website promotion strategies for small business owners

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Have you finished building a website? Do you have an idea on how to get enough traffic into your online store?

Have you finished building a website? Do you have an idea on how to get enough traffic into your online store?

Here are a few strategies which might go a long way in helping you promote your website. The process of selling online should also involve a detailed plan on how to market it. Outline the goals that you hope to achieve through your action plan. Then layout the foundation for a marketing plan to help you achieve those goals.

Make use of multiple promotion strategies

You will be more successful if you use many methods to promote your website. If you use only one, it may fail and you will have to start over with your marketing strategy. Some of the promotion methods that are at your disposal include search engines, article writing and email marketing. All these strategies will help you avoid wasting precious time and get you the right kind of traffic flocking to your website.

The promotion campaign that you undertake should not be a one time venture. It has to be continuous so that you can have as many people visiting your website as possible. Knowing and understanding your target market is a very important aspect of website promotion. Your business targets a specific type of people - so should your website. Make certain that the market segment you have targeted is the correct one so you will have lots of people wanting to know more about your website.

Analyze your traffic sources regularly

You also need to critically analyze the traffic that flows into your website. In the analysis, you should be able to determine the location of your visitors and what key words they are using to reach your site and what pages they visit most. This will help you determine who is being left out in your promotion. It will also enable you to come up with new promotion strategies specifically aimed at getting the attention of missing visitors.

Using links has been a great promotion strategy for many people. Use strong and unique keywords which will directly lead the visitor to a webpage you want him to see.

Start a newsletter which you can send to many different people. In the newsletter, include everything you want the visitor to see and make him or her want to visit your website and see what it has to offer.

Make use of the tested and proven methods of promotion such as branding, offering free services and advertising in newspapers and billboards.

Try sharing traffic to your website with other similar sites. Write articles for other sites and blogs, and provide as much information about your website when ever possible. You will be amazed how this will increase your website traffic. You can also list your website in business directories and social networking sites. This will undoubtedly increase the number of people who visit your website over time.

You can also get more traffic to your website by monitoring where traffic comes into your website. You can use tools such as Google Analytics which is easy to connect in ShopFactory 9. This will help you determine what works, and what does not work so you can focus on similar growth activities that continually pay off.

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