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ShopFactory 11 Pre-Release

We have been testing and improving ShopFactory 11 for most of 2015. Now we are finally ready, and many of its testers have already successfully switched their online stores to ShopFactory 11. Not only have they been getting great feedback from their customers - their sales have also improved considerably.

Simon Kooij likened upgrading his online store to ShopFactory 11 to switching from a horsecart to a top of the line city bus. “This is truly a step into a new world. The improvements to my website are impressive,” he wrote. "I can already say I would not want to go back to the way it was!"

Martin Krol of is equally enthusiastic. “ShopFactory 11 leaves all the previous versions far behind. Gorgeous templates, quick adjustability and the Integration with PostNL saves so much extra work with the preparation of orders for shipment,” he said. “The transition from version 10 to version 11 went quite seamlessly. The shops all work terrific on pc, mobile and tablet and this makes for a higher turnover and client-satisfaction.”

One of the major goals we had with ShopFactory 11 was to jump to the front line of modern web design. We wanted to be able to create amazing designs and provide our users and website developers with unlimited design flexibility.

Going by the feedback so far we pulled it off.

Check out these demo stores to see what we mean:

Want to know what else is new in ShopFactory 11? Read on below.

Or if you are on a ShopFactory rental plan, you can start using ShopFactory 11 right now.

Download location:

Otherwise you can order it via our pre-release system at while we update our website. Official release will be in early January.

What's new in 11?
ShopFactory 11 is the biggest step forward in Design ShopFactory has offered to date.

New Designs

With unlimited design flexibility you can now achieve literally anything you want. Regardless of the design you plan – with ShopFactory 11 it is in your reach.

The result: beautiful new and competitive SFX themes for websites and stores which make you look better than ever to help you increase your sales.

Another benefit of our new SFX themes: Now you can assign any page template to any content page or category to give you even more flexibility. Want to create a new landing page for a marketing campaign using your home page layout? With ShopFactory 11 it’s easy.

New Product lay-outs

ShopFactory 11 contains a large number of new product lay-outs which will allow you to show your products in a great way. It is now also possible to add Social Media Share buttons to every product or switch between the new SFX product styles to display your products in the best light.

New Navigation Styles

To top off the great new design and advanced flexibility we have also added amazing navigation styles.
With integrated “Aim” technology navigation menus not only look great. They can now also sense what a user wants to do next to prevent navigation menus from closing while the user is trying to access them.

The result is an easier and smoother navigation which helps customers reach the pages they want to access faster.

Facebook shop and Social Networks

Use the Social Networks Share button to activate social links or click on the Facebook button to quickly add your complete store to Facebook: SFX templates have been designed to work just as well on your Facebook site as on your own website.

Touch sensitive banners

Modern touch sensitive banners allow users to flick banner images with their fingertips and allow you to redirect customers to other pages and products. On every page of your website you now have three banner areas that you can use to create a magnificent looking page layout.

Extra text areas

On every page you can now add up to 4 extra text areas, this will give you more flexibility to add texts to your pages.

Extra Navigation areas

New navigation menus in addition to Index 1 and 2 offer even more functionality. They can be used to create large footer navigation styles or to place special navigations on specific pages only. Depending on the website design you select, there can be up to 5 extra navigation area’s in your website. These extra navigation areas give a lot of flexibility to add extra menus to your site.

Navigation name vs page name

You can now set a different name for you page only for the navigation. This will allow you to use a longer name on top of a page and a short name in the navigation. This feature makes your navigation menus easier to understand and will increase the number of pages your customers will  visit on your website.

Improved Responsive behavior

Of course we have also improved the mobile behavior of ShopFactory websites. So regardless of the device your customers use – you will always be able to put your best foot forward.

Brand new design editing tool

ShopFactory 11 also makes it easier than ever to customize the themes we are supplying. Simply change banner images and design colors to achieve a striking new look in minutes. The completely redesigned Designer tool makes adjusting the look of any website theme easier than ever.

New image cropping tool

The reworked image cropping function helps make working with images easier than ever.

New ShopFactory Interface

Of course we have also redesigned the main ShopFactory user interface to make it more useful than ever. Now ShopFactory Central acts as your store management hub, giving you quick access to all the important functions. Click on the My Store for example to adjust the settings of your store or on My Orders to review your orders.

Backoffice improvements

We have also worked hard to make it easier to manage orders and customers. However this will only become available in January. To check the new interface right now go to the ShopFactory Cloud Link in ShopFactory Central and test the new order management interface.

Better customer interaction for better conversion

Of course we have also improved the interaction of your store with your customers. Faster loading stores and delayed image loading respond faster than ever to your customers.

Combined with the refined checkout process, the amazing new designs and the improved search engine features ShopFactory 11 has all the ingredients to help you sell more.

Martin Krol  for example already noticed that customers stay longer on his new V11 website, interact more with his content and buy and spend considerably more than ever before.

ShopFactory 11 represents our greatest upgrade ever. So what are you waiting for?

Get ShopFactory 11 now via our pre-release system at

Or of you are already on a ShopFactory rental plan, you can start using ShopFactory 11 right now.

Download location:


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