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Mobile compatibility is the new king

You may not know this. But, in 2014 - Mobile device usage sharply overtook desktop usage - and continued on a dramatic upward trend. The average mobile media user usage in hours per day was 2.8 hours compared to 2.4 hours on desktop media usage. In comparison, in 2011 mobile usage was just 0.8 hours per day. With the explosion of mobile device use and easily accessible information on the go - it’s no small wonder. "Mobility" is just that.

Why? The average internet shopper is no longer tied to the desk. We are also entering into a new generation of smartphone shoppers who have their mobile phone with them almost all the time. The average smartphone user has their phone with them 87% of the day (and night). It’s not only a social trend - but a lifestyle and habit trend which has quickly taking over.

Let’s think about this for a minute. If you’re already an online merchant, you know the story. In 2014 Google pushed online merchants to become mobile compatible. It was a major move that was thrust upon the online marketplace in a big big way. Here’s why...

The average smartphone user doesn’t just use their mobile device for making telephone calls. The device is tied to other “life tasks”, such as:

  • Text, email and other forms of communication including social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Apps that wake us up (alarm clock) and help us sleep (music or sounds of the ocean).
  • Navigation: Maps and GPS accessibility.
  • Checking the time (when was the last time you wore a watch?)
  • Banking, buying movie tickets, browsing for product data and other shopping.
  • RSS News feeds.
  • Live stock market and economic data from around the globe.
  • Calculator and other often used apps for business or lifestyle.
  • Taking pictures and videos.
  • Gaming, media controls and other device connectivity.
  • Home security and family monitoring.
  • Tracking physical health activity and lifestyle data including diet.
  • Plain old moving forward in time on the subway or train while commuting to work.

The list can go on and on depending on your own lifestyle. But, you get the point. The mobile smartphone has quietly and sharply inserted itself into almost every aspect of daily life.

But, in contrast let’s take a good look and compare the prior hour/internet usage numbers. From 2011 to 2015 - desktop/PC usage has still remained constant. The average user spent 2.4 to 2.6 hours per day using the desktop (tied to internet usage in some way). We still use it for business and other applications. Some tasks intertwine with mobile usage, and some tasks are simply: we prefer using a desktop/PC because smartphones and other mobile devices (tablets) are still going to be limiting in some way because of their size and applications available.

Yes, both mobile and desktop use is here to stay. Ever since 2012, ShopFactory has been both desktop/PC and mobile compatible. Since then, we have continually updated for mobile compatibility trends, changes and features. With our regular updates, we include fixes and changes to make your life easier as an online merchant. When you publish your site - both the desktop version and mobile version of your site is automatically updated! You don’t need to get involved with the coding and technology for the two different parts of your site - it’s all done for you!

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