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PCI Compliance Information

ShopFactory ecommerce solutions are PCI compliant which is an essential part in keeping your customer's payment details secure.  This is particularly important for merchants who accept credit card payments.
Most online merchants use automatic credit card processing via realtime payment gateway providers such as PayPal, WorldPay, AuthorizeNet, 2Checkout, etc. who are also PCI compliant. The fact that both ShopFactory and the real time payment gateway providers are PCI compliant ensures your customer's payment details are safe and secure at all times.

This is the best option and ShopFactory strongly recommend using a real time payment system provider to process credit card payments.

There are more than 80 realtime payment gateways integrated with ShopFactory with more being added regularly. 

Some online merchants process credit card payments manually which opens up a potential security risk outside of ShopFactory’s control. It is now up to the merchant to ensure PCI compliance during the manual processing of the credit card at his premises. This is achieved by keeping any payment details safe and secure , avoiding unnecessary printing of the details and destroying any soft and hard copies of the details as soon as possible.

ShopFactory ecommerce solutions are PCI compliant and provide the environment and tools to help the merchants keep all the customer's payment details safe and secure.

However, it is important and essential that the merchant ensures that all the credit card details are deleted as soon as possible after manual processing.

In the event the merchant has an active Total Care account with their ShopFactory than the merchant must set the order payment status to “Paid” or “Denied” after the credit card payment is processed.

This is achieved in the merchant’s active Total Care account by clicking on ‘My Orders’ button to connect to the Total Care interface -> Orders -> clicking on the payment status button and selecting “Paid” or  “Denied” -> Submit.

This will wipe out the customer's credit card information from the system.

Now, the merchant still must ensure that there are no other potential soft or hard copies of the credit card details back at his premises and deal with them in a safe and secure manner.

Any merchants processing credit cards manually are exposed to a potential security risk and should consider switching to a real time payment gateway to process credit cards automatically in a safe and secure manner without any stress or effort.

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