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Why Choosing ShopFactory Is Right For Your Online Business

In today's online market, technology and trends move faster than ever. Staying up to date, complying with country & regional laws and looking professional are the top issues you need to consider when choosing an online platform for your website.

ShopFactory takes care of all this for you in one simple solution that’s easy to use. When you Rent ShopFactory — it also includes additional secure facilities and features that help you market to your customers and stay current.

Because ShopFactory is a PC based solution, where you build and edit your online shop — you maintain complete control. You don’t have to rely on a web developer or third party hosting company to ensure your site is working and up to date with products and pricing. And when you need to make a change, such as a price change on one of your products, you can upload that change in seconds.

All this is done in a point and click environment — so anyone with basic PC skills at your company can manage your site. Of course, those with HTML & CSS experience can do much more with ShopFactory — it has the flexibility to help you drive your business online.

Secure Check-out and SSL is already provided for you, so you don’t have to dish out the extra high cost and headache of installing one on your host server. Your orders are also securely stored online when using ShopFactory Total Care - so you can access them from anywhere in the world. And, you never miss an order due to email timeout or server issues.

Driving business to your website from search engines is one of our top priorities. ShopFactory creates search engine friendly web pages. And - with new microdata markup — your product pages can be found with ease on the internet!

Speed is also an important issue. Even though most internet visitors these days use a high speed connection - the load times on your site can influence both visitors and search engines behavior. From capturing search engine traffic, to website load times and getting your customer through the check-out, speed is the one important thing ShopFactory takes care of for you!

From professionally designed website themes you can fully customize to accepting payments securely online - ShopFactory includes all the tools and features you need to be successful online!

Ongoing updates and support — the internet changes faster each day. Staying up to date means updating and upgrading your eCommerce platform regularly. ShopFactory Rental plans include both free updates AND free upgrades when new version platforms are released. Updates are automatically downloaded while working in ShopFactory. And when you need to upgrade - simply install the latest release and open your prior version shop. ShopFactory takes care of the hard work for you so you can just continue on.

ShopFactory has been around for over 17 years, and that’s eCommerce experience you can benefit from.


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