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Easy tool to highlight multiple promotions

Rotating banners and slide-show banners have become very common for web page designs.

They not only make a good website look extremely professional but catch your visitors attention to a group of sales driven images. There is no longer a need to highlight your most important sales promotion at the front of your website, you can highlight multiple promotions at once while having them rotate through a smooth transition display.

These dynamic banners will build up your website’s navigation and introduce other pages on your website to your visitors. Communication of information in ads will be enhanced when you use rotating banners while boosting a website’s usefulness. Web visitors have become accustomed to having important information spoon fed to them and changing automatically.  When you are rotating important content on your home page as the first thing your visitor sees, you are taking away the need for the visitor the scroll to get more content.  Often visitors will decide whether or not to continue reading the page they are visiting in the first few seconds.  If the rotating banner automatically displays a new interesting set of content to the visitor, they may get hooked in for a bit longer, enough to have them continue within more of your site’s content.

ShopFactory 9 has the ability to allow you to display rotating banners / slide-show banners on specific page styles. The 8-PAAI page style allows for two types of Banners which you can add images in for the rotating banners and  slide-show banners. You can then link each image in the slide-show to specific pages on your site.

Check out the sample shop in our template shop. You can set up a rotating banners / slide-show banners in ShopFactory 9 in 5 easy steps as follows:

  1. Simply click on a page in your site and choose the “Page” drop down menu.
  2. Choose the “Page Style” and select the 8-PAAI page style.
  3. Click Page drop down and select “ Add Banner Links”
  4. Locate the page with products/content you want to link via the banner slide-show and click on the button.
  5. Add the banner image to the page location(s) in your site you want each banner image to point to.
  6. Click OK, save and do an external preview (or publish your site to your host).

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