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When you are running an online business that is popular, and you have a lot of information or products, it can start to get pretty cluttered and confusing.

When you are running an online business that is popular, and you have a lot of information or products, it can start to get pretty cluttered and confusing. Many successful businesses run into this issue and few know how to handle it properly. If you are dealing with an excess of information or products and your customers are confused about what you have to offer, it may be time to consider opening up more than one site. Here are a few examples of how you can implement this quickly and easily.

Build Micro-Sites

Many large companies have utilized this technique with great success. Whenever they are launching a new product or they need to highlight an existing product, they create what is called a micro site. This means that the particular site is devoted to that one product or service. This allows consumers to focus on that product and makes it easier to promote.

Typically, a 'micro-site' will have a URL that matches the name of the product or service to make it easier to find and promote.

Micro-Sites can be very helpful for a new product launch, or if you are running a large ad campaign. Typically, if you have a lot of different products, and you are promoting one of them heavily, it can be less confusing for customers by moving to a micro site structure. They may be directed to your main site, but they don’t know where to look to find the product or information they are interested in. When you can send a customer right to the special microsite, it makes it a lot easier to keep their focus on the product you are selling.

Even though the Micro-Site may be separate from your regular site, it is still important to carry over your branding and to make sure that the site is designed well.

Set-up Specific Stores for Lines of Products

For this example, we’ll use a store that has many different items, such as books, household appliances and apparel. If they are all thrown together on one site, it can be a bit crowded and confusing. The more products you add for any of the categories, the more convoluted the whole store can become. If you need customers to focus on something, it helps to have separate stores for each product line if at all possible.

In many cases, having more than one website can be very beneficial. You would be making it easier for search engines to find new keywords for focus product indexing and increase the chance of discovery for your product. Promotional campaigns are usually made much easier by having more than one site and you can better gauge their overall effectiveness when they are separated from your main online store.

With a ShopFactory Gold 9 license shop owners can build and maintain as many shops as they want. This means that all the orders from the various online shops created will go via the one GC account to the one email address only.

If you still need to separate orders, a merchant can have additional free GC accounts (other email addresses for themselves and others) and additional discounted GC accounts for their own use for as long as their main Total Care account is active.

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