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ShopFactory Services help you achieve even more.

ShopFactory makes building and maintaining online shops and websites easy, fast and efficient despite being one of the most powerful and feature rich eCommerce solutions on the market.

You can create and achieve almost anything you want with ShopFactory by yourself or with our help.

In addition to the free online support we also offer paid services such as phone support, remote desktop and training sessions, consultation services, site audits, SEO services, design and website building services as well as special functions & apps, add-on script developments and more...

Website customization services

ShopFactory comes with hundreds of templates and themes to select from and to customize with point and click ease.

However, with some technical knowhow, HTML and CSS programming knowledge and skills ShopFactory allows you to achieve almost any website design look and feel as required all by yourself. Depending on your actual requirements, budget and resources you can either do it all by yourself or with the help of an expert.

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VIP Support, Training & Consultation Services

ShopFactory users have access to various free online tools and services for support, training, and specialist ecommerce information and knowledge. We can supply paid expert servcies for any ShopFactory users who require a more "personalized" or specific/targeted & specialized support, training, consultation or other services as needed via phone and various expert online tools such as secure remote desktop session, etc.

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ShopFactory SEO Tools and Services

Additional powerful SEO tools & Website promotional tools and ShopFactory SEO expert services will help you to the top of search engine results and to get more customers and more sales by utilizing and optimizing the wealth of ShopFactory's built-in functions.

Regular Website audits, SEO reports, expert guidance and services not only highlight issues and how to fix them but also assist in tracking and optimizing web pages, keywords, links & backlinks, social media adwords etc. The regular audits monitor the effectiveness of the various implemented strategies and/or improvements over time . It ensures the website continues to perform as it should and will highlight any internal or external changes and factors affecting its level of optimization and performance.

Furthermore, the website performance can be compared with other websites such as an competitors website.
This competitive intelligence can be used to optimize the ShopFactory website to catch up with your main competitors and/or to ensure you remain in the lead.

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Integration with Accounting Software

ShopFactory eCommerce solutions allow the easy export of all order details and data as XML or CSV formats into virtually any accounting system on the market.

An automated process to Import all order details & data and integration from ShopFactory into accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Reckon, Sage, Lexware, MYOB and others can be set up as required.

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