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24/6 Support for our eCommerce website software

ShopFactory support is available 24/6, with the exemption of Christmas. We have a global network of ShopFactory e-Commerce experts ensuring we can offer the best possible level of support to the users of our software around the world.

If the above Links don't help you, please lodge a support ticket.

If you can't remember your ShopFactory account details, you can directly connect to the Support front-end via your ShopFactory software.

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory
2. Click HELP menu -> Support

3. You will get redirected to the Support front-end.
4. Click "ShopFactory Support" to submit your query. Here you get access to all other resources such as the Knowledgebase and ShopFactory Forum.

- Click "Contact Us" button (top-right).

Once a ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your Support ticket ID. You can check responses to your existing tickets by logging back in to the Support front-end.

I have forgotten my ShopFactory 9 - 14 account details

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