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Import Wizard

If you have your products in an existing database, you can import your products with ImportWizard. ShopFactory Pro comes with a basic importer, ShopFactory Gold comes with the advanced version.

What ImportWizard does

ShopFactory Database Import Wizard allows you to import product data from any database with ODBC or OLE-DB Connectivity. There is almost nothing you can not import, depending on the version of ShopFactory you have.

ImportWizard will even automatically create a department structure in your shop for you, if the products in your database have been organized into categories in your database.

If the thought of manually entering all your product details from an existing database into a new online shop sounds daunting then the Database Import Wizard is the solution you need.

This ShopFactory Add-on allows you to make the most of all the time you have spent in the past to build up your database of products.

Now you can convert your product database into an online shop with point-and-click ease.

The differences between ImportWizard Pro and Gold

The basic ShopFactory Pro ImportWizard can import basic product data from comma delimited data files (CSV, TXT) only. It can not import options and choices or images, for example. It is supplied with ShopFactory Professional.

The ImportWizard supplied with ShopFactory Gold can import virtually any field supported by ShopFactory from an existing database, including product options (attributes) and image paths.

ImportWizard Pro can also import data from virtually any database. It is supplied with ShopFactory Gold and ShopFactory Total Care packages.

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