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Search engines have become extremely important when it comes to generating business online. Find out below how ShopFactory helps its users successfully achieve top rankings in Google search results.

Functions to help you get high rankings

Websites and online stores created with ShopFactory have achieved top rankings in Google and other search engines all around the world. The following functions of this amazing online store builder make this possible. Don't worry, if you don't understand all of this: ShopFactory does it automatically for you.

Static Pages

Many search engines don’t like it if web-pages are generated dynamically from a database for every visitor. They prefer to read pre-generated pages. Unlike many other e-Commerce solutions, ShopFactory knows this. So of course ShopFactory creates static pages, which can easily be found and read by Search engines. The added benefit: Your website responds faster to your customers and can deal with more visitors than equivalent database driven systems.

Automatic page titles

Search engines give a lot of weight to the document title field of a website pages. These fields are created in the HTML code of a page and usually appear as the title of the search result in a search engine.

ShopFactory automatically populates HTML title fields with the title of your pages. As these would normally reflect the content of your page, they are an ideal match. And the fact the HTML title is repeated on the page as actually visible page content gives your page an automatic boost when it comes to search engine rankings.

Of course you can also on each page manually reset the HTML title field content by replacing the text with an easy to use Wizard.

Automatic Meta-Tags

Meta tags are invisible text fields added to each page, to make it easier for search engines to find a summary of what is written on a page. ShopFactory automatically creates a description Meta-Tag based on the Introduction of each page. You can with the Meta the wizard change this text and also add Meta-Tag keywords, which will help your rankings in some search engines.

Many search engines such as Google will display the Meta description tag at in the search engine results.

Automatic Website Maps

ShopFactory automatically creates a special website map page for search engines, to make it easy for them to index you complete website. You'll find it by clicking on the shop title.

ShopFactory also creates an XML website map conforming with the open-format Sitemaps protocol for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Ask.

Title and Alt Tags

Title and Alt Tags are the small text bits which come up, when you put your mouse over an image. They can help improve search engine listings by repeating relevant search words. In ShopFactory you can easily set up Alt Tags simply by double clicking on any image.

Search engine friendly Internet addresses

ShopFactory creates unique static Internet addresses , which are best for search engines.

Customized URL names

ShopFactory Gold allow you to customize the name of of page file or URL to reflect a search word for this page.

Link pages

The more websites link to your online shop, the higher it will be rated in search engines.

All things being equal, the shop which has more websites linking to it will be ranked higher. ShopFactory makes it easy to set up link programs.

It even includes a function which allows you to keep track of who sent a customer your way, making it easy to set up Affiliates programs.

Automatic Headlines

Search engines value text differently, based on how it is displayed on your pages. To do this search engines look for example if a text is contained in a Headline, if it is bold or if it is just normal text. ShopFactory automatically adds headlines around important text such as Product titles and page titles, to help boost the relevance rating of these terms.

Search engine optimization

Of course even the best shopping cart software can't do everything for you. You still have to add your own text to your websites to achieve top results in search engines.

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