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Starting an online business is no small task. The pay off can be enormous though. A solution such as ShopFactory to create your online store can make the process much easier.

Starting an online business is no small task. The payoff can be enormous though. A solution such as ShopFactory to create your online store can make the process much easier.

Developed since 1995, ShopFactory has been continuously improved based on the feedback of its users — and there have been hundreds of thousands of them all around the world since we released the first version of ShopFactory more than one and half decades ago.

ShopFactory has always been a do-it yourself solution for non-programmers. As such our users never had to know about or deal with servers, programming languages, CSS, Microdata or any of the other technical complexities required to run many of the other eCommerce solutions available.

Ease of use and speed of building your store has always been one of the hallmarks of ShopFactory. Yet despite this it is one of the most powerful solutions in the world of e-Commerce available today.

This is not just a small advantage. Time you save when building your store is time you can use to promote your business, to develop it further and to look after your customers.

Even better — because ShopFactory runs on your local computer, you are in full control of your online business at all times. You can make any changes you want when you want to and publish the changes only when you are ready to do so.

Because these days many businesses already have their own Internet presence, you can also publish your store anywhere you want — all with just point and click ease. Of course you can also use the free hosting space which comes with ShopFactory Total Care.

Those of you who already have an existing database of their products can make shop building even faster by simply importing the products the ShopFactory Import Wizard Pro supplied with ShopFactory Gold. Simply set-up your shop first, then use the Import Wizard Pro to import all the products and images at once into the site.

ShopFactory is a system which helps you work smarter — NOT harder — by benefiting from the experience and knowhow gained over 15 years from over 240,000 online shops created to date. And the less time you need to spend learning code, solving problems with code and building your site — the more profitable your business will become.

Even programmers and developers who build sites for a living have become more profitable by using ShopFactory. Remember time = money, and when you spend less time building a store — you can make more money selling through your store! This is why ShopFactory gives your online business “The Edge” — right from the start!

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