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How to set up product bundles in your online shop

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ShopFactory 9 makes bundling products together easier than ever — with its 'Options and Choices' functions.

ShopFactory 9 makes bundling products together easier than ever — with its 'Options and Choices' functions.

You can create bundles of product variations which include different colours and sizes of a T-Shirt, for example. This can even be combined with stock control, so that you can manage the stock levels of differently sized T-shirts.

To do this simply add an option such as Size to a product, and give the different sizes their own catalog number (SKU). Each different T-shirt size is a variation of the product. You can then simply add stock levels to each variation with the stock control interface.

Of course you can also bundle different types of products together — for example to build a computer or to create a bundle consisting of a T-shirt, a handbag and a belt. You can either sell the products only as part of a bundle or make them available separately as well.

o combine multiple products to a bundle, simply create a bundle product, which combines the different items. This is done by creating a new product, called Bundle X, for example. Then add the different products to the bundle as selectable options and values, each with their own SKU.

For example create an option called Hard drives, and add the values 500 GB, 1 Terabyte, 2 Terabytes.

Each of these values represents a different hard drive. If you assign an SKU (catalog number) to them, you can manage their stock levels as well.

To make the hard drives available as products in the store as well, simply create each hard drive as a separate product and make sure it uses the same SKU as the option values in the bundle. That’s all there is to it.

Of course you can easily assign the same product bundle to lots of different products, using the 'product templates function'. In this way you can offer a reduced price handbag with all your T-shirts or a selection of hard drives with all your custom built computers. If purchased alone, the handbag can be full price.

If an item runs out of stock, it will no longer be selectable by the customer.

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