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There is no doubt about it — with ShopFactory 9, you get the most SEO friendly e-commerce solution available on the market today.

There is no doubt about it — with ShopFactory 9, you get the most SEO friendly e-commerce solution available on the market today.

At ShopFactory, we keep ensuring that when you build a web site — it will be technically sound for easy indexing by search engines. After all, you want to make sure that all of your pages will be indexed. ShopFactory 9 provides critical search engine related information which makes it easier for search engines to read and rank the content of your website.

Here is how ShopFactory 9 can help you achieve great results with the latest SEO strategies and developments:

Automatic SEO friendly page names — based on your page or product title (ShopFactory 9 Gold)

If you are redesigning your website, it is the perfect opportunity to implement SEO-friendly 'URL structure'. 'URL rewrite' enables webmasters to insert targeted keywords they would like to be ranked on within the URL itself. This helps your page rank for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

ShopFactory 9 Gold now eliminated the need to write your product or page URL since it takes the title you create when first setting up the page or product, and creates the URL for you from that information.

Support for listing SEO tags in List view

ShopFactory 9 also now gives you the option of showing your product meta content, including keywords and description, in list view mode while working in the editor.

Rather than opening up each product to make changes to the meta content, with-in the list view you can now quickly update or change the description or keywords on each product. This saves you time and effort since you can make quick changes on the fly.

Improved adding of Meta keywords: Now in ShopFactory 9, if you prefer to work in the 'meta tag dialog' window, you can add keywords in comma separated format (works in list view mode as well). In prior versions of ShopFactory, you had to open a new dialog box to add each keyword or keyword phrase. In the new meta tag dialog box, you simply enter in all keywords and phrases in on box separating them by commas.

'Import Meta Tags' in Import Wizard: ShopFactory 9 Gold with 'Import Wizard Pro' now allows you to import meta content for your products during bulk imports.

Improvements to the sitemap.xml

Your sitemap.xml file is the critical key tool search engines use to find all the pages on your website. You must submit the sitemap.xml file to each search engine which supports it. ShopFactory 9 automatically creates, updates and changes your sitemap.xml file each time you upload. New priority tags and date changes are updated each time, so your sitemap.xml file is reviewed and updated automatically with search engines to confirm changes on pages and products with the search engines.

Sites load faster

Google algorithm changes (Code name: Panda) affected a lot of other ecommerce solutions on the internet. Well, ShopFactory 9 sites actually improved in rankings because: 'Page' and 'Site' load speed was a major focus in recent Google 'Panda Algorithm' changes.

ShopFactory 9 was developed with page and site load speed factors in mind. Sites using ShopFactory 9 load faster and cleaner than older versions (and other solutions on the market).

Visitor buying behavior can also be affected by slow loading sites — if you are not using ShopFactory 9 for speed, you could be losing sales!

MicroData for Products

New standards have been adopted on all major search engines. Whether you are selling products, writing articles, or publishing feeds — new important tagging criteria called 'Rich Snippets' or 'MicroData' is read by all major search engines now.

ShopFactory 9 now includes this MicroData for products, which can affect your product rankings tremendously. If you are not using ShopFactory 9 — your rankings will be affected.

The new MicroData is a two fold concern for merchants also using product feeds for Google Merchant Center (Formerly: Google Base). The new MicroData is required data for doing product feeds. With-out the MicroData, your product feeds will not be accepted by Google Merchant Center for product feeds.

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