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10 Quick SEO suggestions

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major tool you use to drive traffic to your site. Getting to the top of search engines is not easy. It takes time and effort.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major tool you use to drive traffic to your site. Getting to the top of search engines is not easy. It takes time and effort. Focus on your text content, and using the tools inside ShopFactory are an important part to getting there quicker. Here are some quick tips for moving up to number one on the search engines.

  1. The objective of SEO is to generate 'quality traffic'. You want to generate traffic which consists of people who come to your site not by chance — but because they are looking for proper information or a product to fulfill a need they have. You have to focus each page on your site to fulfil visitors’ searches.
  2. If you do not have a site yet — DO NOT submit your URL to search engines until you have a complete site up and running. You can put up a temporary home page describing your business, but search engines will not pay much attention to your site until you have a full site running.
  3. A flash made website may look very appealing, but this is of little interest for SEO and is complicated to SEO. Keep it pragmatic. Consider using flash for a sophisticated showcase site. A webshop built on HTML pages will definitely help users to easily find your articles.
  4. If you offer product brands on your webshop. Create one page per product brand. Buyers are accustomed to query for specific brand names in search engines. Optimize that specific page by including the product brand, actual product name and product number in the tags.
  5. Many webshop owners are accustomed to copy and pasting manufacturer product descriptions as they have written them. It is important to spend time writing your own product descriptions to make sure it is unique content.
  6. The 'Title' tag on the home page is the most important variable to optimize your site. Even small changes of this tag may results in major increase for your sales. The key in this area is to use relevant keywords that will improve your SEO.
  7. Tweak your title tags on each page and product — it is an effective means of communication since users read it in search results. Do not waste this precious element on your home page by using your shops name in the title tag.
  8. Make sure you use all the SEO tools in ShopFactory 9, such as 'Image captions' (Alt. Tags) and the other SEO related features. Name your image file names descriptively for what they are so the search engines will pick-up on the added keywords in the filename.
  9. Establish links with other sites: Links are still an important tool for your site to be found on the Internet. They increase traffic and improve your ranking. When you have many sites properly linking to your site to share content — it tells the search engines real people find your content useful. The most important links are the organic ones — links that other people add to their site and grow slowly on the internet over time.
  10. Optimize ALL your pages for search engines and people alike. Update them regularly and keep re-optimizing them as the search engines change. It is an ongoing process.

For more detailed information on SEO, visit our User forum topics here.

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