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Add 'news' pages in your online shop. It is a great way to stand out in a niche market.

Add "news" pages in your online shop. It is a great way to stand out in a niche market.

A 'niche' market is a specific sub-market where small online businesses can thrive because of their flexible nature. Larger companies often cannot turn a profit in niche markets due to their larger structure, which often leaves the niche market open to the smaller business. Here is an overview of some of the strategies very small online shop owners use to convert their personal knowledge into succeeding on the Internet.

Whether it is a brick and mortar business, or e-commerce shop — a niche market is a perfect launching ground for a small entrepreneur. However, to be blunt: in order to become an undisputed expert in your niche market — your success is dependent upon one word: CREDIBILITY.

Because of the very high speed information travels over the Internet, your credibility and integrity are the stumbling blocks of your website. Therefore, never put at risk your brand, your reputation and all the hard work you've done when you decide to add news pages in your online shop. Publish your own news professionally. Otherwise, don’t publish at all. In a niche market sector you need to know everything tends to be spread around very fast. News abandonment would cause exactly the opposite of what you hoped to accomplish in the first place.

Here are a few things to remember when writing news:

Shine in your area of specialty — don’t be shy.

Since you have chosen to operate in a highly specialized field, you may have realized that some form of self-branding is inevitable. Become an expert and a reliable source of information in your chosen field is the name of the game. Do not underestimate the status of your current knowledge and your own analysis on products. This is exactly how you will start providing unique content. You will soon realize expectations from Internet users for your special kind of expertise of genuine content is actually very high.

Remember: The experts all began as skilled novices If you’re looking for inspiration or whether it is your first steps — be confident! There is no reason why you can’t rephrase or rework specialized content that already exists. ALWAYS make sure to add value to it with-out plagiarizing.

Blank page Syndrome: Make a list of topics to be addressed in advance

You may have already reacted on a topic on a blog or a forum, created a video or a tutorial with pictures. You may have taken the time to send a detailed explanation to a customer by mail.

Isn’t it time to use the dusty content you have stored on your hard drive or in a binder somewhere?

If you already have a successful article there’s no reason why you can’t create a version 2 with significant improvements.

You can always analyze a problem from a different angle or give a different point-of-view for a known issue to provide an alternate angle of solution. Don't hesitate to give your personal opinion. Try to establish the trends in the coming years for your industry and publish them.

Start an exhaustive search for NEW content

Collect as much information as possible about your niche market. Submit your keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Observe how other online shop owners are using similar content to present and package their information on their own sites.

Subscribe to newsletters of your competitors in this niche market.

Search the websites of your main competitors and subscribe to their newsletter. In doing so, you will get updated information likely to be excellent sources of inspiration for future articles you intend to write. Do it better than them!

Invite experts — allow other authors to publish their own articles

Call upon recognized experts on a regular basis to write articles for your website. People love to give their personal opinion and experts rarely refuse to contribute. Your readers will love this new value add in expertise to support your own content and opinions.

Interviewing experts in your field

For each interview — ask permission to record and integrate video into your own site. Some readers prefer video. So offer them the option. Videos have the advantage of making it more difficult for those who intend to copy your content. However, the text remains the best alternative for those who prefer quick reading.

Allow users to copy, with strict conditions only

Do not waste your time to hunt for plagiarism. Getting copied is a form of recognition and Google knows better than anyone else how to analyze the site moose. State clearly that you allow others to use your articles as long as they indicate author name and put an active link to your merchant site. Getting free links and promotion of your content also helps you on search engines!

Use your content to send newsletters

Build e-mails with links to read more about your articles pointing to your news page. By sending regular e-mail information to your customers, you allow them to remember your products and prove also that you are a reliable and consistent business owner. But make sure you do not abuse your readers with to frequent special offers.

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