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Now the other important factor to consider is the "Page Filename:" as you will see in this window. By re-naming your HTML page file name you can add an extra boost to your page keywords.

Make sure you DO NOT use spaces in the page file name. In order to give the proper SEO structure for your page file name use a dash- or _underscore in between words and keep the HTML page file name down to three or four words maximum. Some hosting servers and search engines may have problems with spaces in your page names, so it is important to hyphenate your page name properly.

As mentioned above, when you do a search on Google, you should see search results like this:

Although this example uses extra words in the HTML Page Title (in blue), you'll notice the same content as we have used in our meta-tags set-up. The HTML Page Title again is the most important factor that this search engine looks at first.

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