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Introducing ShopFactory Cloud

We have launched ShopFactory Cloud, an improved order management Interface for ShopFactory 11/12 users.

If you use ShopFactory 12, then ShopFactory Cloud replaces the old Total Care Interface.

The new interface is mobile compatible, making it easier for you to manage orders on the go.

The Interface has been streamlined to help you work more productively.

ShopFactory Cloud not only provides improved order management interfaces but also offers you many new functions, such as the ability to create your own cloud products. This will allow you to market and sell your products via any imaginable channel in addition to your ShopFactory website.

We have updated the gift voucher function, so you can now use your own designs.

If you open ShopFactory and click on the Orders button, it will now go to the new Cloud orders interface.

If you click on the ShopFactory Cloud button, you will now see the new ShopFactory Cloud Dashboard.

Have a look at the small orange clouds: They tell you which functions affect only ShopFactory Cloud.

For example you can create ShopFactory Cloud products for your marketing actions using emails, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, printed matter, etc. which are completely independent of the products created with your ShopFactory Windows application. Therefore the Products button on the ShopFactory Cloud Interface has a small orange cloud to indicate this to you.

The new backend has been completely overhauled to bring it up to date. The new platform also allows us to expand the services we can provide to you as part of ShopFactory.

We hope you like it.

Kind Regards,

Shopfactory Sales Team

P.S.: Please let us know if you experience any problems. If something goes wrong you can always return to the old Total Care interface by clicking on the link at the very top of the page, which will remain there for a while to make sure no one gets caught out.

P.P.S.: If you are looking for the address label printing function - it can now be found in the 'Select an action' drop down menu on the Orders list page.

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