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Using UPS Negotiated Rates in ShopFactory

ShopFactory has released a new feature in the Real Time UPS shipping rates integration that allows a merchant to use their "Negotiated Rates" instead of Published rates. Lower shipping rates can often mean the difference between an online sale, and an abandoned sale for some merchants.

In most cases, the merchant’s "negotiated rates" are far less expensive than published rates, as per the following example.

Example 1: UPS Published Rates:

Example 2: UPS Negotiated Rates:


If you are already using UPS as one of your shipping rate calculators, changing your shop over to UPS Negotiated rates is a simple process and can be done in a few minutes.

To find out how please visit the following support article:

Enable UPS shipping provider in my shop   

What you will notice on the above help article is ShopFactory also allows you to “Combine / use multiple shipping providers” in your shop. A merchant can now use multiple real time carriers for domestic and/or international shipping calculations. You can use one carrier for domestic, and another for shipping internationally and display the different rates at your lower carrier costs.

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