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Quick website changes for Christmas buying season

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Yes, as our news article from October mentioned - it’s that time of year!

The Christmas buying season starts now!!! No wait - it started yesterday!!!

If you’ve been too busy to make mass changes on your site, or update the design - don’t worry! Here are a couple quick tips to help you make your site more “seasonal”...

1.Add a simple banner style graphic with seasonal flair on your home page.

Simply building a site wide graphic with seasonal promotional products can add that instant “get in the mood” feel to your home page. There are lots of Christmas images you can get from stock agencies, or from past graphics you have on hand. Recycling old images from the ghosts of Christmas past is perfectly okay!
You can also use the jquery banner to create a multi-image slide (LINK TO: ) show in Version 10.


2.Simply change your company website header or apply different Christmas banners to select high traffic pages.

In the “custom design tab” of ShopFactory - you can simply select a new “seasonal header”, once you have designed it if you don’t have one, and change it back after the holidays. Read More… (LINK TO: )


3.Add a seasonal image to your left index menu.

Similar to changing your header, adding a seasonal image to your left index menu can be done in seconds if you have an image already made up. Read More… (LINK TO:,69 )


4.Add a ghosted image to the background of your site, or specific areas. Obviously you’ll need a Christmas type image and be able to change the visibility in a separate paint or graphics program before using it. Read More… (LINK TO:,69 )


5.Add special products, focus products and / or linked items on your home page using tables - to direct traffic over the holidays.

Simply adding special holiday products to the home page may be enough. Drag those special products from your “List of contents” to your home page, and republish!
You can also add a table & text or image links for visitors to focus on:
Add tables to your Home Page… (LINK TO:,69 ), and Adding Text/Image Links… (LINK TO:,81 )


6.Simply change your site wide color scheme inside ShopFactory under your “Custom Design Tab”, and republish. Only doing simple color changes like this, may be a bit lazy - but it works and you can quickly change it back after the season is over


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