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Quick Sales Conversion Ideas for Mobile Devices

ShopFactory 10 has a great new mobile compatible feature so both PC and Mobile visitors can get the most out of your site. Because ShopFactory 10 automatically builds your mobile site version - it saves you time and work effort! All you have to do is publish your site as you normally do and the mobile version of your site is updated along with your regular site.

Navigation is simple and easy as well, since the site menu is created right at the top. The three icons at the top left of the window allow your visitor to go "Home", access the "Menu Navigation", and switch to desktop view on their mobile device instead.

This type of navigation structure is becoming more commonplace as the mobile market continues to grow.

You can also "size down your browser window" on your PC to view your mobile version of your site. This will save you time in reviewing, since you don’t need to pull out your phone to review site changes when you make them.

Regular PC Browser view:

PC view with browser window sized down:

Mobile device view:

But, some visitors who don’t know about these mobile device practices may not be proficient at what features are in play. The navigation styles do differ from what we’re all use to seeing on desktop versions of websites.

The following suggestions will help you in both converting sales in desktop view - AND with mobile device users.

  • Add high volume and highlight products directly on your home page.

    This option offers the best of both worlds. Both mobile and desktop users will be drawn to specific products you want to sell right away. By simply dragging and dropping products from your "List of Contents" directly to your Home Page in the ShopFactory editor - you can increase conversion on those products. You can also use the “Add paragraph” feature in ShopFactory to create links to departments, articles, etc. in your shop to guide visitors to those pages. You can also change "product style layout" to display the products in various ways. How do I select a new Product Style…

  • Create a smaller Table based navigation on your page.

    If you have specific departments or categories - you can use the "Add Table" feature in ShopFactory to build a smaller focus menu with in your home page. You’ll want to keep this small - and add text or images to link to focus departments only. Do not try to use this option to recreate your entire site navigation since it will confuse your visitors. Add maybe five or six links to departments for this only. Add tables to your Home Page… and Adding Text/Image Links…

  • Simply create a “notice to mobile users” instruction page

    You can link it from the side bar in ShopFactory for mobile users to review. All you need to do is create a page with instructions for mobile users, outline what the icons are for in the top right corner, and you’re done! You can make the instructional page simple or more complex outlining that your ShopFactory website is both mobile compatible and check-out mobile compatible to increase speed and order processing on their mobile device.

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