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NEW ShopFactory Customization Services

ShopFactory will soon be offering a full range of customization and other fulfilment services — to help you go even further online!

As you may already know, we offer Professional Customized Theme Design. While this service has been around for a couple of years — we're growing what we provide in the services we offer...

  • Want a custom Contact form tool?
  • Prefer to have a custom page design or product style layout?
  • Ever wanted to have an image slider or image carousel on your home page?
  • Need to create a special marketing campaign page to gain more traffic and monitor your return?
  • Ever wanted a custom CSS menu layout for navigating your site?
  • Want better SEO - Search Engine Optimization from the experts?

Or, you would like to push the boundaries of standard themes to make your shop look more like a big box store?

Of course you will still be able to change and modify your ShopFactory website just like you're used to.

Over the years we have also seen a tremendous amount of requests for "special coding" and changes to certain features in ShopFactory. This new service will allow us to further offer what we can do - so it's done right! You'll be able to focus more on your day to day business and building your online marketing. All without having to search for third party solutions, plugins that don't work and code snippets that may conflict with your shop.

These are just some of the outstanding new services were getting ready to launch to offer special needs and services for your website!

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