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SEO Tips — Practicing good product page tactics

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One of the most costly mistakes an online merchant can make is on their product pages. Not only are these pages important for your customers eyes — they can draw them into your site from the search engine when used properly. Online shoppers are fickle and frugal. And they’re smarter than you’re average flea market bargain hunter!

ShopFactory already includes many Detailed Product Page layout designs. All you do is select the one which suits your needs and add in your content.

But, over the years we have seen many merchants not using product pages to their full potential. Here are a few tips for building proper product pages:

Use unique Titles with descriptive words

Every product is different. Even in the smallest way. With recent changes on search engines - brand awareness is a big draw factor. When writing your product titles incorporate the brand name of the manufacturer, the model number and sizes, measures, or other important differentiating facts about the product.

Write YOUR OWN full Product Descriptions

Using product descriptions from manufacturers is a sure way to get your product page (and site) banned on the search engine. These days, writing your own full product descriptions is the only way to stay on top of the game.

Yes, it’s a lot of work - but it will pay off. In all the testing and comparisons we have done with ShopFactory user’s sites, the merchants who used their own fully written product descriptions remain at the top of search engines.

This includes properly using the ShopFactory product set-up features, as follows:

Title - Covered above

Headline - Also known as a “Introduction” - A short one or two line description using the product title again with-in the writing.

Description - This the the “Short Description, which expands on some of the features and benefits of the product.

Longer Description - This ShopFactory feature is often missed or not used by merchants. It is used for additional supporting information on the product including bullet points, tables, etc.



Also, don’t forget other items in the product page setup such as: Images, Image Caption (Alt attributes), Catalog number, etc.


Utilize Product Properties - Brand/Manufacturer, Product Codes, etc.

These codes mean something! Above we mentioned that every product is different. Well, even if your product titles are relatively similar - this information helps the search engine differentiate products. This important product information is also tied to hidden “micro data” the search engines read on your pages. 


**Remove duplicate content**

We can’t stress this enough. Yes, many products are similar, and it’s nerve racking to write  up product selling content without duplicating some stuff. But, try to minimize it as much as possible. Monitor your product pages for performance - and if one drops out of the search engine, it’s usually duplicate content that’s now a problem (providing you have written full/enough content for a product).

Another issue we’ve seen over the years is merchants sometimes add in their “business or policy disclaimers” into all their product pages - they simply copy and paste onto every page whether in the footer or body of a page. This is not necessary. Simply add a link to a page where you keep all your business disclaimers and keep your product page focused on the product. Unless a product has a disclaimer for a “specific product purpose” - business policies and disclaimers shouldn’t be on the page.

Spelling and accuracy count 

Spelling shouldn’t be a problem since ShopFactory includes an automatic spell checker. It will highlight suspect words for you right in the ShopFactory editor.

However, proofread and re-proofread your page copy to ensure grammatic and other hidden spelling errors are found. Spill choker can be your worst enigma at times. Opps, I meant - Spell checker can be your worst enemy at times. It also helps to have someone else proof your work with a fresh pair of eyes.


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