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What is good web design?

Basic areas which are important to understand in web design are in your graphics, page layouts, fonts and Corporate Branding.

ShopFactory takes into account these and other factors when developing themes. There is some science and human vs. internet understanding behind all that we do too!

However, content you add into your ShopFactory website is just as important as the ground basis ShopFactory has created for you.

Corporate Branding is a whole topic on it’s own and is a very important issue. We will cover this more in a future newsletter. In a nutshell - it’s how you position your company visually, and how you create awareness for your products and company identity. This can include the company logo, style of products, and visuals (website design) associated with your whole company.

Here are some tips which are important to keep in mind when building a website and individual pages:


It is important to you use images which are small or compressed in KBs so that they can be quickly accessed by a visitors browser. With increased speed technology the number of broadband use is growing. But it is important pages are set up in such a way that they load fast (again ShopFactory takes care of hidden code issues for you as it relates to this). Lots of images on to the web page makes the process very slow. Keep in mind - big images are the main cause for reducing the speed of the accessibility of the pages.

It is always advisable that you do not use images that blink, move, flash or rotate. If you want to use them - use them very sparingly. Many studies have proven that these blinking images annoy visitors and distract them from buying. Although you may find flashy moving images attractive visitors may not. Keep a visitor focused on your product and it’s specific details.


Standard layouts are always better. Good web design is simple and easy to use. Easy navigation and intuitive web functions are scientifically proven for their results. So it is always better to use ShopFactory page & product styles for the main purpose they were designed for - especially with eCommerce and selling online!

Be sure to use “white space” properly because it is also considered one of the most important feature in the construction of a good web page. It gives your visitors' eyes a break so they can refocus on different text information and images on your product pages. A crowded page will cause a confused visitor to leave your website quickly.


It is very important to you use the right kind of fonts on your website.

Standard fonts are much easier to read and they also match with different monitor resolutions. Using serif fonts for normal text can blur smaller text on screen - so it is always advisable to use “serif” for headlines and “sans-serif” for text if mixing fonts. Try to keep fonts styles to only one or two across your entire site. Because ShopFactory bolds headings, etc. you’ll have less work to do in the long run.

Of course - ShopFactory takes care of all this in great details, but as you add in content, images and text you may have to adjust design slightly. It’s all easy to do right in the ShopFactory “Design Editor” tools, and on individual pages when working!

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