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What is ShopFactory Total Care?

Our sales team is asked regularly what does Total Care do for me? Total Care is a robust set of secure services that extends the functionality of selling online for ShopFactory eCommerce merchants. It adds additional features for merchants to build and maintain their business presence, stay in contact with customers, and report on important sales and statistical data in real time.

With Total Care — you gain full control over many aspects of your online business. All at a much lower cost when you consider renting ShopFactory!

Here is a comparison list with details on what Total Care includes, and the feature sets available with Pro and Gold:





Optional Free Hosting

Included in Total Care, host your website at no additional cost. Or, continue to use your own host.

Online Order Management*

Not only does Online Order Management provide you with access to all your orders anytime, anywhere — it provides you with real time graphical feedback on  country sales data, quick overviews of your order statuses, and exporting* of orders & customer contact/mailing data. Also export* out to various back-end & accounting systems.

Included are other features such as: PCI Compliance, Vouchers & Loyalty Rewards Systems, multiple auto-payment providers set-up, and searching/sorting/viewing/reviewing batch and individual customer order data online. Email customers from directly within your online order management account.

Santu services are included in Total Care to further extend the functions we offer with Total Care! Now when you update order statuses - your customers automatically get real time tracking notification and order status updates on their orders when you make a change - all without you having to update them separately!

Customer Membership Program

Customers can sign-up and become members right on your site. You can set-up welcome and username/password emails which are sent automatically when someone signs up. You can also combine incentives, such as: offering a discount & vouchers, free shipping, or other incentives to get them to sign-up. This allows you to gather contact information to further market to your customers. You can also restrict website access to non-members, or hide/show prices until members sign-up and login.

Get detailed reporting on each member’s activity and purchases so you can further target market to them.

Reseller & Affiliate Management

Set-up Resellers and Online Affiliates.

Resellers can be set-up by you with their reseller/wholesaler discounts when they login. Set-up notification emails for welcoming them, and providing them with their login details. Monitor and track sales, and both you and your reseller can view real time tracking on their sales.

You can also restrict website access, or hide/show prices until Resellers login.

Online Affiliates can work to help promote your business. Pay them a commission when someone buys from your site - through their scripted affiliate link. Set up payment schedules and how you pay them, as well as monitor and track sales. Both you and your affiliate can view real time tracking on their sales.

Also, track network/multi-tier sales for up to five levels.

Electronic Softgoods Delivery (ESD)

Deliver electronic products to your customers automatically when payment is received. You can set-up delivery of goods, such as: PDFs, Videos, Software, and many other downloadable products. Assign download limits, time period for downloading, username/password access to download, and provide a secure link to the download location. You can also set-up the email delivery copy to further market to them and offer further incentives for future purchases.

Online Advertising Campaign  Reporting

Track advertising results in real time and build reports to determine the profitability of any advertising campaign. When combined with the voucher systems, you can further refine your online marketing efforts to become more profitable.

Fraud Protection Settings

Fraud protection support alerts to high risk orders based on your custom settings. Get immediate notice and hold order release for detailed review before your system allows the order to be processed.

*Some features are only available in ShopFactory Gold with Total Care - check our full feature listing here for the complete set of included features.

Total Care is included free for twelve months when you Buy ShopFactory.

When you Rent ShopFactory  Total Care is included on an ongoing basis. Free upgrades are also included for ShopFactory when new versions are released, for as long as you are on the rental plan.

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