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IMPORTANT NEWS — ShopFactory now supports publishing via SFTP/FTPS

ShopFactory 10 — now supports SFTP / FTPS for third party hosting when publishing.

In the publish window, you can enable encryption manually for your host. But, you will need to make sure your hosting provider supports it properly.

ShopFactory Total Care customers can now publish using FTPeS. This is auto-detected in the publish window when you try and connect to publish on your Total Care account only. "Passive" checkbox must be ticked as well - ShopFactory Host requires this option.

It is also important to remember that some ISP proxies, router firewalls and PC software driven firewalls may not support this type of publishing transport though. In certain cases, it may just be specific ports need to be opened on your router / firewall. If you encounter issues publishing - first try to disable your firewall and re-attempt the publish. If it still fails, try selecting Encryption as "Use plain FTP" — to rule out that secure publishing may be blocked by your firewall and/or it may not be supported on your server.  

If you are using a third party host and you have confirmed your host supports SFTP / FTPS, but still encounter difficulties - please contact our support team directly through your personal support window here and send the tracelog file.

Turn ON "Debug Log"
- Click HELP menu
- Enable Debug log
- Go through the steps where ShopFactory gets an error, i.e. publish with FTPeS or SFTP
- Locate the debug log in ShopFactory V10 Websites\tracelog.log
By default, it is at My Documents\ShopFactory V10 Websites\ directory and then locate tracelog.log file in the folder. Send this file to SF Support.

View full details here on SFTP/FTPS publishing.

ShopFactory continually updates and provides new features and enhancements. So if you are not on a ShopFactory 10 Rental Plan — we highly recommend updating or upgrading to continue to receive these free enhancements.

ShopFactory versions 7, 8, & 9 users can upgrade to a rental version of ShopFactory 10 here.


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